GTA 6 fans may have discovered a big clue in latest GTA 5 trailer

GTA 6 teaserRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans have been extremely outspoken about wanting Rockstar Games to announce the next installment in the series instead of rereleasing GTA 5, and now, they may have found a GTA 6 clue in the latest trailer.

The September 9 PlayStation Showcase saw Rockstar announce that the next-gen port of GTA V and GTA Online would be delayed to March 2022, and fans were not happy.

With players demanding a new game instead of another trip to Los Santos, the trailer was heavily downvoted to the tune of 150,000 dislikes and only 26,000 thumbs up on YouTube.

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However, amidst all the downvoting, some players have spotted a potential clue pointing towards the setting of the next game.

About 38 seconds into the trailer, there is a car with a yellow license plate that reads: “6ISAL890.” When read a certain way, it could appear to say, “6 is a late 90s.”

Of course, some fans immediately took this as a sign that Rockstar is saying that GTA 6 takes place in the late 90s and not modern day. Others, while not sold on the meaning, believe there could still be something to the plate.

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“It may mean nothing, but don’t think they don’t pay attention to details, I’m sure it means something. They don’t just put random stuff, especially when the license plate stands out like that with the yellow,” a user on Reddit noted.

“Think what you want but I don’t think this is a coincidence, someone is messing with us at Rockstar,” another wrote.

There have been loads of leaks and rumors about the setting of the next installment with everyone seemingly agreeing that the location is Vice City. That said, the time period is up for debate.

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Some leakers have claimed the game would take place in modern day and feature a Bitcoin-style currency while others have suggested that it could be the 80s.

As always, take all of this with a grain of salt, but if GTA 6 does end up being set in the 90s, there’s a good chance Rockstar let us known with this tease. Sadly, it looks like the game may not be coming out until 2025, so we will have quite a bit of time to wait.

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