GTA 6 fans ‘heartbroken’ after rumored reveal event passes: “The wait continues”

GTA 6 cover photoRockstar Games

GTA 6 fans expecting Rockstar to officially reveal the long-awaited game on October 21 were left heartbroken after there was no announcement.

Players had been expecting a big GTA 6 reveal in October with the Stealth UFO event in GTA Online after rumors circulated there was a “high-chance” for an announcement.

The theories first began after notable insider Tez2 claimed that the mystery of a photo in GTA San Andreas, which many believe to be a GTA 6 screenshot, would be solved during the UFO event and possibly lead to a reveal.

When the Stealth UFO event that Tez2 said would happen on October 23 was moved to October 21, fans began going wild with hype, but alas, the day came and went with no reveal leaving players frustrated.

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Players saddened by busted GTA 6 reveal

On Twitter, YouTuber LegacyKilla voiced his disappointment but remained optimistic that something could still happen.

“The Stealth UFO event in GTA Online ended up being nothing. No post today at all from Rockstar but there still is the rest of October & GTA Vice City’s 20-year anniversary for a potential GTA 6 reveal… or not,” he wrote. “The wait continues.”

“Nothing happened,” someone else tweeted. “Disappointment.”

Others coped by posting memes, such as this one with Buster from PBS show Arthur mocking people on the internet who “tell lies.”

On GTA Forums, the source of many of the hype, users commented about the lack of a reveal. “Tez, you broke my heart. I don’t want to receive calls from you in the late afternoon because there’s no way I’m going to forgive you,” one joked.

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“Tez didn’t lie tho, he speculated much like us. He’s not a Messiah,” admin Spider-Vice remarked.

As plenty of others have noted, however, there is still a lot of October left and it’s always possible that a reveal gets pushed into November. In any case, fans will have to wait a bit longer to get their first official look at GTA 6.

Until then, at least the leaked gameplay gave players a lot to look forward to when the game eventually releases.