GTA 6 fans convinced they’ve found big police change in leaks

Rockstar Games

GTA 6’s massive leak revealed several new features, but an underrated reveal is a possible change to the wanted system.

On September 18, an earth-shattering GTA 6 leak revealed the game’s location, vehicles, characters, weapons, and more. Days later, London Police confirmed the arrest of a 17-year-old suspected of being involved in the hack, and they pleaded not guilty to computer misuse.

The leak revealed over 90 videos and images, sending the community into a mad dash to break down every minute detail. With a rumored budget exceeding $2 billion, GTA 6 could be one of the biggest games of all time.

Now, a GTA 6 fan discovered a potential overhaul to the wanted system, which could drastically change how players approach the game.

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Female character in GTA Online shooting gunRockstar Games
GTA 6’s leaks revealed several significant gameplay changes.

GTA 6 fan reveals police timer

Reddit user Nawnp shared, “From the leaked footage, there appears to be a timer associated with when the police will arrive on the scene.”

They believe that a police response timer could make the wanted system more complex if the police respond differently to varying degrees of crime.

For example, the police respond much quicker to a murder report than to a gas station robbery. However, this is all just speculation.

One player responded, “I want them to make it like mafia 2 where the police in the area where you committed the crimes will remember what vehicle you were driving and what clothes you were wearing.”

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Another user added, “I hope the location of your crime matters too. Let’s say you’re a few blocks from a police station; the response time should be faster.”

GTA Online is known for its immersion and attention to detail, so GTA 6 players’ expectations are sky high for what Rockstar has up its sleeves this time around.