GTA 6 fans convinced an official reveal is imminent following leaks and hints

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GTA 6 fans are hopeful that the long-awaited official reveal of the game could finally be announced within the next month – and there are a lot of reasons to believe Rockstar has something planned.

Rockstar’s recent hack may have taken some of the hype away from GTA 6’s official reveal after leaked development footage appearing online, but fans are still eager to see what the developer has in store.

As speculation grows, with leaks from insiders and some very interesting coincidental evidence mounting, fans believe GTA 6 could finally be revealed in either late October or early November.

Here are the three big reasons why GTA fans think that the game is finally going to be announced soon.

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Fans think GTA 6 could finally be officially announced soon.

GTA 6 fans think a Rockstar announcement is coming soon

The big thing that players have on their minds are recent comments made by insider Tez2, a reliable source for all things Rockstar Games-related.

Tez2 claimed that the mystery behind a UFO photo taken from an unknown game found in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition could finally be solved soon during a GTA Online Halloween event.

The photo, discovered last year, is believed to be the first official screenshot of GTA 6, and according to Tez2, the UFOs invading GTA Online could all be leading up to a big reveal.

Furthermore, as we know from the leaks, the next installment in the GTA franchise will see a return to Vice City. The original Vice City will have its 20th anniversary on October 29, and what better time to celebrate than with an announcement?

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Additionally, as noted by YouTuber LegacyKilla, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, is holding its next investor call on November 7th.

“Based on history, if there is going to be a GTA 6 reveal in 2022, it’ll come before this call. Keep your eyes out for late October/early November,” the YouTuber said.

We’ll have to wait and see if GTA 6 actually does get officially announced soon, but with all this speculation intensifying, signs are pointing to at least something happening in the weeks ahead.