GTA 6 character and internal name potentially leaked by voice actor

Female character staring at cameraRockstar Games

GTA 6’s codename has seemingly been leaked by an actress who has also revealed the name of a character that she has apparently voiced.

When it comes to confirmed details about GTA 6, at this stage, we only know that it is in development. After years of silence, Rockstar Games have at least given us that nugget of information.

Outside of that, fans of the iconic sandbox franchise have had to rely on leaks and apparent insiders to build up some expectations about the game. At this point, it looks as if a return to Vice City is on the cards and that there will be two main characters – a brother and sister pairing who may or may not be involved with a cartel.

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On top of that, some details have snuck out from people who have apparently worked on the game, including actors – with the one character being known as ‘The Mexican’. Though, it appears as if we have another.

GTA 6 codename and female character seemingly revealed

The find was made by members of the GTAForums site on July 15, as they uncovered the resume of voice actress Natonia Monet.

While the actress’s resume has been updated since the find, what sparked interest was the reference to a video game by the name of ‘Fireball’ and a character named ‘Tamara’. What seemingly ties the find to Grand Theft Auto, is that the agency that the actress got the gig through have links to Rockstar Games.

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On top of that, the listing was removed from her resume after fans made the connection to GTA 6 – with Fireball likely being the internal codename for the highly-anticipated title, rather than outright calling it GTA 6 from the get-go.

Naturally, with anything GTA 6-related, some fans remain highly skeptical about things and aren’t totally convinced. Though there appears to be something about this one, given how it was taken off the actress’s resume.

With some insiders claiming that the game will, finally, be revealed before the year is out, we might not have to wait all that long before we get some answers.

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