GTA 5 players angered by next-gen update bugs making the game “defective”

Andrew Highton
michael running from explosion in gta 5Rockstar Games

After a long wait for, presumably, the final port of GTA 5, many players are disappointed and even amused by the various glitches and issues with the next-gen port of the popular sandbox game.

As the wait for GTA 6 goes on, although we at least know it’s in development now, Rockstar’s PS5 and Xbox Series X port of Gran Theft Auto 5 is a way to fill the time. Promising the best graphics to date, along with an array of quality of life improvements, this is the game’s ultimate form.

Saying that, its launch has been marred by some bugs and technical hitches that brings back memories of the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition horrors. It’s left some players with a feeling of deja vu and some have even condemned Rockstar for repeating their mistakes with a disappointing re-release.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and…that’s it?

The announcement of one final port of GTA 5 didn’t go down well initially, and it meant that the game would need to do something special to appease long-time fans who have now invested in the game several times.

With the game now out, it’s safe to say that it certainly isn’t perfect. The first example is from Reddit user ahduknew who was unable to complete their online mission due to an inexplicable invisible wall that clearly shouldn’t have been there.

We move onto a hilarious clip courtesy of MustafaX0_0 in which they switched to their avatar, and the character straight up spawned in mid-air before plummeting through the face of the Earth, presumably to hell itself.

The video drew a couple of angry comments from other players who said: “GTA Expanded and Enhanced – all the same bugs, glitches, and other weird stuff you love, now in 4k!” whereas someone else quite brutally said: “The only thing they expanded were their pockets.”

As well as the above clips, we’ve also seen two examples of bizarre visual glitches as well. Here’s the game’s satnav map being completely out of sync with itself.

Finally, someone else found a little detail that does make you question how it can be programmed so wrong.
One sly comment made reference to the GTA Trilogy game by saying: “Did Grove Street Games secretly port this over?”

We imagine these are not isolated incidents and there are in fact a few more glitches and bugs within the next-gen port of GTA 5. While they’re not the end of the world, you’d have to hope that Rockstar are doing their best to ensure that GTA 6 launches as glitch-free as possible.