GTA 5 Online’s terrible potholes are now saving players’ lives

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Potholes have long caused problems in GTA Online, yet one player recently found that the game’s broken roads sometimes have their uses.

The roads that make up the map for Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online aren’t the greatest. In fact, they’ve proven so troublesome over the years that PC modders have gone out of their way to create improved roads.

Broken roadways riddling the most recent Grand Theft Auto entry does make sense. After all, the Los Santos area is inspired by Los Angeles, whose streets play host to far too many fractures.

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But players exploring the digital world have finally found a reason to celebrate some of GTA Online’s crater-filled streets.

Potholes in GTA Online have actually come in handy for once

Reddit user finger_liken_good recently (and accidentally) found a good use for Grand Theft Auto Online’s in-game potholes.

While racing down the highway on a motorcycle, the player hit a car and quickly found themselves falling face-first into the pavement. This could’ve gotten a lot worse, though.

Miraculously, the Redditor’s character landed in a large pothole, which protected them from oncoming traffic.

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Instead of getting “wasted” in the middle of the street, the player managed to survive what could’ve been a head-on collision with a speeding sedan.

Pure luck and a well-placed pothole did this GTA Online player some good in the long run.

Hopefully, they didn’t take this gift for granted and opted to take more precautions when hitting the road again. It’s unlikely a that pothole, even in a fictional world, will serve as a life-saver on two separate occasions.

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