GTA 5 lets you copy and buy other people’s cars in Next-Gen update

Rockstar Games

Players have discovered a new feature in GTA V’s next-gen update edition that lets you purchase exact replicas of custom cars directly from car meets.

With the next-gen version of GTA V officially out, players are discovering more and more changes made to the game, especially in online.

One of those features finally allows you to score a sick custom car, without all the work of spending hours at Los Santos Customs yourself.

How to copy other players cars in GTA V Next-Gen update

Whereas most of the next-gen changes to GTA V have been widely mocked by players for being small or insignificant, being able to copy others vehicles has been received very well.

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A clip on Reddit shows just how easy it is. You run up to a player car you like, press square, and – just like that – you can purchase it for yourself, if you have the money.

Player’s custom cars can be a bit pricey though, so don’t be surprised if you end up spending millions of dollars if you want to grab one.

For veteran players, though, this is a super nice change, which should save a ton of time and let people pick up any vehicle that strikes their fancy.

Flash gt GTA OnlineRockstar Games
Tricked out rides are one of the best parts of GTA Online, and now expanding your collection is easier than ever.

While there are still plenty of players who have issues with how much (or little) the next-gen version has changed, at least it’s made life a little easier for all the car buffs out there on GTA Online.

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