Goat Simulator 3 ad using leaked GTA 6 footage gets taken down by Rockstar

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Goat Simulator 3 earned the wrath of GTA 6’s parent company Take-Two Interactive after it used leaked footage in one of its recent adverts.

Those familiar with Coffee Stain Studio’s 2014 title Goat Simulator likely remember the studio’s penchant for irreverent humor in their games and online presence.

However, it seems that sense of humor may have just put them in hot water with a major video game holding company, thanks to a recent advertisement for Goat Simulator 3.

Grand Theft Auto’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has apparently struck down Coffee Stain Studio’s ad on all social media platforms thanks to its use of leaked footage of GTA 6.

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Goat Simulator 3 ad DMCA’d for using leaked GTA 6 footage

On December 19, 2022, the official Goat Simulator Twitter account tweeted out the ad with the caption, “Meet Shaun, the NPC.” The advertisement centered around a mock interview surrounding the daily life of a random Goat Sim 3 NPC named Shaun

During the ad, Shaun the NPC notes some of the other work he’s been featured in, as the trailer cuts to leaked footage from GTA 6, which notoriously flooded the internet in September 2022.

Apparently, Take-Two Interactive did not find Coffee Stain Studio’s ad very funny, as the video is now currently unavailable on all social media platforms, “in response to a report by the copyright owner,” as seen on Twitter.

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In response, the Goat Simulator Twitter account responded with a popular meme of Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons laughing while saying “I’m in danger.”

At the time of writing, the ad is currently still unavailable to view on any of Coffee Stain Studio’s official accounts.

Take-Two’s response is only natural when taking into consideration how seriously both it and Rockstar responded to the leaks back in September, with even the FBI getting involved in apprehending the leaker.

It remains to be seen whether or not the ad will reappear in the coming days, but if Coffee Stain Studios is adamant about keeping in the footage of GTA 6, it doesn’t seem all too likely that Take-Two will lift its hold.

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