Fuslie reveals biggest problem streamers have getting into GTA RP

Fuslie GTA RP streamersTwitch : Fuslie

While celebrating her one-year anniversary on NoPixel’s GTA RP server, Twitch star Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu reflected on what makes getting into GTA RP difficult.

The GTA Online roleplay server NoPixel has managed to bring in tons of content creators and streamers to join its platform in the last year.

Whether it’s the likes of Twitch streamer and criminal mastermind xQc, or content creator Sykkuno pulling off heists, the server neck deep in creativeness and a bonafide content creating machine.

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Fuslie was one of the earliest streamers to join NoPixel, and has garnered plenty of roleplay experience under her belt. This has all made her realize why others might not want to join in.

Fuslie explains how roleplaying is streamers’ biggest issue

nopixel-gta-ftr_1xq7w8pbzyo2n1o0cn2viwq9hzNoPixel / Rockstar Games
NoPixel is the most famous GTA RP server.

In a March 26 stream where she celebrated her one-year anniversary on NoPixel, Fuslie reminisced over her experiences in the RP server and came to a conclusion on why streamers might not want to join in.

“I think it’s the idea of roleplaying that’s very uncomfortable for a lot of people?” she explained. “[It] can be seen as cringy or weird ‘oh you’re roleplaying a whole different person’ it’s more effort.’”

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“I think it’s always easier to just sit back and play a game like League of Legends or Valorant or something, right?” Fuslie added. “You’re just playing the game. Whereas something like roleplaying takes a lot more effort – it’s out of everyone’s comfort zone.”

No matter how big the NoPixel server gets, it was created first and foremost with roleplay in mind. This means that sooner or later if they’re looking to partake in the fun, streamers will have to begin playing as someone else.

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