Franklin actor explains why Rockstar is taking longer to release GTA 6

by Connor Bennett


Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor behind Franklin from Grand Theft Auto V, has explained why fans need to lay off Rockstar Games about GTA 6. 

Even though Rockstar’s focus appears to be solely on Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, fans are understandably desperate to get some news about GTA 6. 


While the devs haven’t even confirmed if it’s in development yet, some insiders have reported that the GTA 6 is anywhere between early development and around 70% completed – though, we do have the first character confirmed as being called ‘The Mexican’.

With each new social post from Rockstar being bombarded with requests to drop news about GTA 6, Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor behind Franklin from Grand Theft Auto V, has explained why fans need to be more patient than ever. 


GTA V character blowing up a car
Rockstar Games
There has been no confirmation about GTA 6 but that hasn't stopped fans from asking for it.

Franklin addresses GTA 6 hype

“Don’t knock Rockstar down man. Don’t be on ‘em,” the voice actor said on one of his Instagram lives. “Talking about ‘Y’all milking GTA 5’ and ‘when is six gonna come out?’ Y'all gotta understand, it’s a process to put these games out man.”

Fonteno added that, given the ongoing global health situation, production will have slowed down any way. “They just can’t throw anything out. Y’all wouldn’t accept it if they threw GTA 6 out right now and it just had bulls**t on there,” he added. “Then, y’all wouldn’t support Rockstar and the GTA brand.

“It’s time man. I keep telling you, if you all look at the interviews of us, it took us like four/four-and-a-half years to film and complete GTA 5. So, you gotta understand and know.” Check out the clip below shared by @GTAVInewz on Twitter:


After Vice City was released in 2002, Rockstar started putting decent breaks between releases – with GTA IV being released four years after San Andreas and then GTA V coming five years after IV. 

Only the iconic developers know just when GTA 6 will be ready for release, so it’s just an ongoing game of wait and see between Rockstar and their fans.