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Ex-Rockstar artist adds to GTA 6 hype with Vice City tease

Published: 15/Feb/2020 18:16

by Daniel Cleary


Former Rockstar Games Senior Artist Stephen Bliss has posted some Vice City themed artwork for Grand Theft Auto fans, amid rumors of GTA 6 and its possible setting.

Following many of the rumors and leaks surrounding the potential announcement of GTA 6, fans have been wondering what to expect from the future Rockstar release.

Adding to the hype, long-time Rockstar Games developer Stephen Bliss has uploaded some new artwork, teasing fans of the popular franchise with some nostalgic artwork and possibly hinting at a familiar setting in GTA 6.

Rockstar Games
Many fans have been calling for the GTA franchise to return to Vice City.

Since it was leaked that a return to Miami in an upcoming GTA title could possibly be on the cards on February 3, there has been a lot of speculation about what the return of Vice City could look like.


Stephen Bliss, who had worked with Rockstar for over 15 years producing art for many of the GTA titles, has (possibly accidentally) added more fuel to the rumors after releasing some new artwork in the classic Vice City style.

On February 14, the former Rockstar designer posted two portraits with a similar background, featuring two new characters that looked like they belonged in the GTA franchise.

The first image was apparently based on himself, as he claimed that it was a self-portrait in the hashtags, however, fans still drew some comparisons from Vice City’s main character Tommy Vercetti.

Bliss’ second upload was of a woman smoking in a similar setting to the first and the artist asked his followers for their opinions on his latest Vice City themed work.


Eagle-eyed fans might spot a similarity in the background, to that of the ocean-view hotel in the original Vice City.

The popular artist left Rockstar following the release of GTA V to pursue more of his own interests, although he has continued to create some GTA-themed artwork since leaving the iconic game publisher.

Although the images would be similar to those used for an in-game loading screen, Bliss expressed that the art was part of his own “personal work” and not linked to his former employer officially.