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Every GTA 6 tease found in GTA Trilogy: San Andreas, Vice City & Liberty City

Published: 24/Nov/2021 19:34

by Michael Gwilliam


With GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition now available, players have been reexploring the worlds of Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas – and have discovered quite a few clues possibly connected to GTA 6, in the process.

GTA Trilogy has had an absolute disaster of a launch. With game-breaking bugs, poor character models, and a boatload of other issues, the game has been panned by fans and critics, many of whom have demanded refunds.

Amidst all the controversy surrounding the release, however, there have been a handful of hints discovered in the three games that may suggest GTA 6 is coming a lot sooner than people might think.


Here are three teases Rockstar could have instructed Grove Street Games to insert into GTA Trilogy to hype up a possible GTA 6 announcement in the near future.

In GTA III (DE) they replaced the Miami billboard with this. A possible hint to the next GTA? from GTA6

GTA 3: Miami billboard change

One of the most perplexing changes to GTA 3 comes in the form of a billboard that originally teased Vice City back when the game came out years ago.

Originally, the Francis International Airport ad said, “See you in Miami,” but in the Definitive Edition, it was changed to “See you soon,” with a picture of a plane flying away from San Andreas.

There are a couple ways to go about thinking about this. The first is that this might a reference to GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced and players returning to San Andreas. The second is that the plane flying away from San Andreas symbolizes Rockstar finally moving away from GTA V.


In any case, the change is quite a weird one, and players have doubts the billboard was edited for nothing.

GTA Vice City: The butchered Rockstar logo

Considering the state of the GTA Trilogy, this could either be a clue or a really big mistake by Grove Street Games. However, there is some evidence suggesting it was done on purpose.

In Vice City, there is a pool in the shape of the Rockstar logo that is extremely off. In the minimap, the pool has six points, one more than the five it’s supposed to have.

As pointed out by YouTuber Strange Man, the pool doesn’t even show up on the map in the original game, suggesting Rockstar wanted players to notice this.


GTA 6 screenshot
Rockstar Games
Is this house from GTA 6?

GTA San Andreas: The first GTA 6 screenshot?

The Lil’ Probe’Inn in San Andreas features some updated UFO photos from GTA V and Red Dead Redemption, but one picture has players talking.

Among the wall of photos featuring UFOs in the sky above iconic in-game locations, there is a house that isn’t from a game Rockstar ever released, leading some to suspect it might be from GTA 6.

Players were able to determine that it’s a Miami house and linked it to a real-world location that may have been used for inspiration. Could this be a house players will visit in GTA 6? There are many possibilities.


As the games continue to get updated and more areas are explored, it’s likely that even more GTA 6 teases will be discovered. As for when Rockstar decides to reveal the game, that’s still anyone’s guess, especially with the next-gen ports of GTA V still coming in 2022.