Easy GTA Online trick lets players steal Rhino Tanks from griefers

GTA Online TankRockstar Games

Rhino Tanks used with the wrong intentions cause nightmares for the GTA Online community, but one player discovered the perfect countermeasure.

A GTA Online griefer is a player who goes out of their way to annoy other users by impeding their progress. Examples include stealing other players’ vehicles, destroying vehicles, or killing unsuspected players. Rockstar Games attempted to crack down on griefing in July.

The developers prevented players from driving backward and ruining races, and players no longer incur a charge for destroying another player’s Weaponized Personal Vehicle if they are attacked and returned fire.

Rockstar also stated, “to reduce instances of griefing; the Kill/Death statistic will no longer be affected by kills made in Freemode.”

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July’s anti-griefing changes made significant strides, but sometimes it just takes individual ingenuity to fight back against griefers.

A GTA player runs away from an explosionRockstar Games
If you start seeing rockets hit the floor and vehicles in GTA Online public lobbies, there’s a good chance a jet griefer is in your game.

How do you steal a Rhino Tank?

As the name implies, Rhino Tanks are absolutely terrifying to unsuspecting players. The military tank has been a staple of the series since GTA III, and griefers regularly rely upon their services for ruining others’ experiences.

Reddit user Significant-Job-2525 shared the ingenious secret behind stealing a Rhino Tank.

They used an EMP Gun to disable the Rhino Tank and effortlessly threw out the driver before using their tank against them.

One player responded, “I would immediately log off, cancel my PSN account, and throw my PS4 in the trash out of sheer embarrassment.”

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Another user added, “only works on people with the awareness of a doorknob. He let you get within 5 feet on a motorcycle, lol.”

A third player opened a door for other possibilities, asking if the EMP Gun could also be used on helicopters and jets.

Taking a Rhino Tank on may seem daunting, but this could be the perfect countermeasure if executed perfectly.