E3 give coy response to hopes for GTA 6 reveal trailer at E3 2021

GTA 6 announcement at E3 2021Rockstar Games/E3

Fans hoping to finally see GTA 6 announced in the form of a reveal trailer at E3 2021 should keep their eyes peeled, because the event’s official account has responded to fan speculation.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has easily become one of the most anticipated titles in history, right up there with the likes of Half-Life 3. While that game’s future is uncertain, the same can’t be said for GTA 6, because it’s definitely happening, but the only question is when.

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Despite numerous leaks and rumors being spread online for years now, Rockstar themselves have yet to ever officially announce the game. As such, its release date and even reveal date have remained a mystery with fans frantically debating when they could get their hands on Rockstar’s pièce de résistance.

Now, players may have even more reason to tune in as the official E3 Twitter account replied to fans asking about the possibility of a GTA 6 announcement coming in June.

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In a reply to a GTA leaks news account, asking about a potential reveal happening at the event, the admin posted a gif from the Walt Disney film Lilo and Stitch, with the alien lifeform receiving a pat on the head.

While the GTA account has since deleted its comment, leaving only E3’s reply, the user did post a screengrab of the interaction, captioning it: “GTA 6 announcement IMMINENT.”

Of course, this really doesn’t prove whether or not GTA 6 will have a presence at E3 at all, but the fact this account even responded in the first place could suggest something is up.

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Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive has announced they will be taking part in the digital E3 event, so that’s another element to consider when weighing the odds.

This all said, the PS5 and Xbox Series X port of GTA 5 has yet to be released so it seems highly unlikely that Rockstar would announce Grand Theft Auto 6 when it still has the expanded and enhanced next-gen version of the previous game on the way.

We’ll just have to see what the future holds when E3 2021 begins on June 12.

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