Danny DeVito turned into GTA character and fans love it

danny devito gtaRockstar Games/Danny DeVito

Beloved actor Danny DeVito was turned into a Grand Theft Auto character by one artist’s incredible rendition of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia lead.

Danny DeVito is a hero of our time and an icon of Hollywood over the last 50 years.

While he’s starred in cinema classics like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Batman Returns, the youngest generation has learned to love him for his portrayal as Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny, a show which has run for a whopping 15 seasons.

To honor the 4’10” actor’s legacy, one artist put Danny in a series he seemingly fits perfectly into: GTA.

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Artist brings Danny DeVito into GTA

Reddit user MiterMinister posted their work to the r/gtaonline subreddit with artwork of DeVito if he was put into the GTA universe.

The picture was commissioned from animier-dich, a German website that translates any picture into art styles like The Simpsons, Rick & Morty, and Grand Theft Auto. Miter commented under the post that the DeVito piece took them over six hours to create.

The image comes from the famous It’s Always Sunny meme, “So anyway, I started blasting” which has Frank pull out two pistols during a television appearance.

The hilarious scene has been immortalized online, and now. has been brought to the world of GTA.

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Users in the comment section absolutely loved the drawing.

One commenter said, “Two things that I love are GTA and memes. You’ve done it, sir.”

Although it’s unlikely DeVito makes an appearance in the upcoming GTA 6, fans certainly hope Rockstar can fit him into the franchise for the first time.