Crazy GTA Online clip shows why “$50,000 suspension” is totally worth it

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A hilarious GTA Online clip showcased exactly why splurging on the best in-game suspension for a vehicle is definitely the way to go.

GTA Online players love to spend money on the fastest, most expensive cars available but sometimes others like to get a bit more creative.

Customizing different cars in GTA Online can oftentimes lead to some unexpected sleeper hits, as well as some hilarious moments online.

That’s certainly the case in this Reddit clip from a player claiming the most expensive suspension option is totally worth buying.

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GTA Online clip shows crazy suspension

Rockstar Games via Hazardous YT
GTA Online players are used to seeing cars flying thanks to some wonky in-game physics so this suspension clip certainly comes as a surprise.

The post, which gathered over 2,000 upvotes on the GTA Online subreddit in less than a day, is simply titled “$50,000 suspension.”

The attached video shows a player driving over large, horizontal concrete pillars, as the car’s tires take the brunt of the impact and the car stays completely level.

Usually, one would expect the car to bounce all over the place thanks to GTA Online’s sometimes wonky physics engine, but the in-game suspension boost does a phenomenal job keeping everything steady.

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However, it seems this post is a bit misleading when it comes to what upgrading suspension actually does in GTA Online.

While you can certainly upgrade a vehicle’s suspension for $4,400, and not $50,000 as stated in the Reddit post, upgrading it mainly lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity.

This means that while it can keep the car leveled when driving over big bumps in the road, it really serves to improve a vehicle’s cornering and handling.

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In reality, the reason the custom Sasquatch in the Reddit clip stays so level while driving over the concrete pillars is largely thanks to the build of the car, as showcased by Reddit user ‘ze_ex_21.’

Plenty of cars can achieve this effect but those who want to replicate this phenomenon perfectly should look for cars will big tires and lifted bodies, then sit back and watch as the vehicle handles speed bumps like a champ.

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