Clever GTA Online TikTok reveals the best way to farm cash

Alec Mullins
GTA Online's payphone hitjobs are a popular new addition as they make collecting cash a breeze
Rockstar Games

This clever cash-collecting method from TikTok shows how players that have made some progress on The Contract can pad their bank accounts by taking advantage of a new kind of mission. 

There are plenty of options to up your cash flow in GTA Online but many of the game’s highest-earning tasks are both time-consuming and fairly difficult.

If you’re looking to escape the stress of getting through a perfect heist or if you just want to reclaim some of your time, this is the perfect method to fatten up your wallet and quickly move onto griefing public lobbies your Oppressor Mk. II (or whatever you’re into).

The best way to farm cash in GTA Online

GTA Online's Payphone hits are the key to racking up fast cash
Rockstar Games
Smart players can chain payphone hitjobs with other minor tasks to rack up the money

The basis of this routine is to use the Payphone Hits that were added in The Contract as the glue between other activities

If you’ve started the new content and made it past the initial heist, you’ll be able to take advantage of these missions every 20 minutes after completing your first one for the day.

All it takes is a call to your CEO and he’ll set you up with some hits that pay out a respectable $80,000 at the end. These missions will pay out 1.5x your money (up to 120,000) until January 6 as well.

Linking this with other quick cash grabs – like cargo crates or Agency jobs – can net you up to 200k every twenty-five minutes if pulled off successfully.

While a run of the Cayo Perico heist might make more money in a comparable amount of time, there’s currently a bug that’s making it less reliable in the long run, as your rewards might not be processed correctly.

If you’re missing that quick influx of cash, just replace your regularly scheduled heisting with a couple of payphone jobs and get back to taking over the Los Santos streets like you never missed a step at all.