Bully 2 speculation sparked after GTA 6 2025 release date leak

Grand Theft Auto 5 BullyRockstar Games

With a rumor circulating that Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t be coming out until 2025, fans have brought the potential release of Bully 2 back into the spotlight.

News has broken that GTA 6 may not be coming until four years from now, and with that has come a flurry of fans wishing Rockstar Games would announce a sequel to their infamous title Bully. The original Bully was released all the way back in 2006, and minus a remastered version titled “Scholarship Edition” coming a year later, no news of a sequel has ever been dropped.

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Bully 2 became a trending topic on Twitter, and some fans thought a sequel had been announced.

WWE wrestler Mia Yim took to Twitter to put her hat in the ring as the main lead for Bully 2, highlighting the popular demand for a sequel:

Bully or GTA?

YouTuber Tom Henderson released a video with the information about the next GTA title, leading to Bully 2 trending as both titles come are developed by Rockstar Games, and potential developments are inextricably linked.

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Henderson’s leaks have been on the money before, leaking information about Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty previously.

In the video, Henderson says the next GTA will have a modern setting and that the map for the game will be an evolving map as DLC is released. There could also be new map locations with content added after the game’s release.

The modern setting is most likely to do with the creative liberties it brings to GTA Online, the real money maker for Rockstar Games, which alone brings in the company over $500 million yearly.

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Another leak in December 2020, indicated that Rockstar had scrapped work on Bully 2, to focus their efforts on GTA 6 instead.

For now, we still have no news on Bully 2. Hopefully, for fans of the original, Rockstar will funnel some of its money into a sequel.