Brilliant GTA San Andreas remastered trailer by a fan is getting a lot of hype

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Some Grand Theft Auto fans have made an incredible concept trailer for a GTA San Andres Remastered edition, and it’s so good, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s real or a starting point for GTA 6. 

While many GTA fans see Grand Theft Auto V as the pinnacle of Rockstar Games’ iconic franchise, there are plenty of others who yearn for the older games and believe that they, despite their age, are still better. 

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Even though GTA V uses Los Santos as a backdrop, there are many who believe that the original San Andreas title is still the best game that Rockstar has ever made. 

The original game has been released a few times over the years, and with the next-gen consoles starting to make their way to fans across the world, some would like to see it be given the full remastered treatment. 

Masked GTA Online characters getting into a carRockstar Games
Rockstar have been focused on GTA Online despite rumors about GTA 6.

While Rockstar Games are unlikely to remake the 16-year-old game, seeing as they’re apparently working on GTA 6, some fans have decided to cut together their own trailer using GTA V.

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It comes from YouTuber XXII, who dropped the concept trailer just prior to the turn of the new year, complete with the characters fans come to know and love – including CJ, Catalina, and OG Loc – as well as those that they hate, Ryder and Big Smoke. 

It’s also got some of the iconic spots as well, including glimpses of the Las Venturas skyline, the old Boneyard full of Hydra jets, and different locations around the infamous Grove Street. 

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Sadly though, as the video says, it is purely a concept, and unlike some other mods for GTA V – including setting it in Chicago and giving the game raytracing – it’s probably going to release for others to play. 

As for official, new things from Rockstar, they’ve remained tight-lipped about their next installment to the GTA franchise, but GTA V is set to be updated for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in early 2021.

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