Best cheap cars to customize in GTA Online

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For those looking at buying cheap, highly customizable vehicles in GTA Online, we’ve put all of the best in one place for you. 

Not everybody will know what these cars look like, where to find them, and – clearly of most importance in regards to this article – how many changes you can actually make to them once they’re fully insured under your character’s name. (Definitely insure them by the way, as it’s a nightmare customizing something you find only to get it blasted into smithereens).

If you’re one of those people that’s looking for something that can be turned into something very bespoke, but don’t want to shell out hundreds of thousands on a set of wheels from Legendary Motorsport, you’ve come to the right place.

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Rockstar Games
GTA Online players can’t insure every car they steal on the streets, so let’s take a look at which are the best to grab.

Some of the most customizable cars in GTA Online can be seen driving right past you on the road.

We can all spend hours on the actual design of our rides, but before all of that, you’re going to have to get a car. As brutal as it may sound, with many of these cars you can simply drag somebody out of them when you spot them in GTA Online, take it to Los Santos Customs, grab yourself some insurance coverage, and claim it as your own.

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Yet, nobody wants to waste time by doing all of that, only to be rejected at the doors of the mod shop with a “too hot to modify” notification. Not every car can be insured on the streets and not all of them are super customizable, so let’s look at the best ones that are available on the streets, and the cheapest versatile cars to buy.

Sabre Turbo

GTA Fandom
The Sabre Turbo in GTA Online.

Value: $15,000

This muscle car might well be one of the most popular models of the Declasse range, and unlike many others that can be found in GTA Online, it has a whole bunch of unique things that can be changed. For example, not every car enables players to access features such as a chin spoiler, as well as the option to have the engine popping right out of the hood – like a Triple Intake Bug Catcher.

The Sabre Turbo is one of the select few vehicles that can also be modified in not only Los Santos Customs, but also Benny’s Original Motor Works. 

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Where to find Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA Online: 

Xbox One screengrab
If you want to find Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA Online, here’s where you can find it. It appears as a point of interest after the first visit.

While Benny’s stuff might be more expensive to buy, with a $375,000 charge to access the high-end specs, it goes without saying that having a car that’s accepted at this particular mod shop is a massive bonus for those who like to mod their cars.

You might roll in with a muscle car, but could be driving out with something very, very different – both inside and out.

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gta fandom
The Sultan in GTA Online.

Value: $12,000

Many fans of the GTA franchise will be very much aware of the Sultan RS from previous titles, and with the right stuff purchased from Los Santos Customs, this Sultan could be a blast from the past.

There are a number of different stickers, sprays, and customizable parts that can be attached to this vehicle – which is very much a hybrid between the original Lexus IS and the Subaru Impreza. For a car that you can pick up right from the road, a few upgrades down the line and this will be faster than most cars you can find using the in-game mobile store.


gta fandom
The Rat-Truck in GTA Online.

Value: $37,500

If you’re looking for something a little different from what your friends are cruising around in, there’s no doubt that taking the Rat Truck into the mod shop opens up a whole new world of opportunities. You can strip this thing down to its frame and not much else – if you decide to.

Unlike other cars on this list, though, the Rat-Truck – which can be turned into a Rat Rod with the right spec – can’t be insured by just stealing it off the streets. Instead, it will set you back just $37,500 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

If you’re not looking to spend that much, maybe the upgrading cars game is not for you.


gta fandom
The Futo in GTA Online

Value: $9,000

The Futo might look like something from the early 2000s when it glides past you on the streets of Los Santos, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

For some reason, this vehicle has a whole load of insane spoilers, colored wraps, and other bespoke features that allow you to really make this something that other players might not have seen before in GTA Online. The best part about it, too, is that you can pick it up right from the streets and claim it as your own.

Elegy RH8

gta fandom
The Elegy RH8 in GTA Online.

Value: $95,000

People always say that things in life are better when they’re free, and look no further than the Elegy RH8 to prove that to be the case. This vehicle is actually a free purchase for all GTA Online players and can be ordered as soon as you get past the online tutorial.

In order to get one for nothing, all you have to do is link up your Rockstar Social Club account to your gamertag, and away you go.

With an unbelievable selection of customizable parts and unique sticker designs, this car can be transformed into a modern-day drag racer or something more sporty with just a few edits to its design.

Sentinel XS 

gta fandom
The Sentinel XS in GTA Online.

Value: $60,000

This car can be picked up by GTA Online players in two ways, firstly with the traditional Grand Theft Auto method of grabbing one off the streets, or secondly, buying it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $60,000 – not too expensive.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s inspired by the BMW M5 and with a plethora of changes made available at Los Santos Customs for this vehicle, you could turn it into a proper racer in no time. It has great handling, too, which is a nice bonus to have.

Vulcan Warrener

Rockstar Games
The Warrener in GTA Online is our final pick.

Value: $120,000

Finally, to round off our list is one that can’t actually be picked up off the streets, but it is a really reasonable price nonetheless!

The Vulcan Warrener is a four-door sedan and it’s fair to say that flashy isn’t its middle name. In fact, it looks rather like a 1960’s-70’s Saab 99, or even the original Toyota Corolla KE70. However, don’t let first impressions put you off, as this is one of the most fun set of wheels to customize in the entire game!

Costing just $120,000 in-game, which is a drop in the ocean for those that have been racking up the $1 million rewards of late, it can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. If you want to be a star in a reasonably priced car, this one might be the pick for you!

So, there we have it. This selection of cars can mostly be found by taking them from civilians and claiming them as your own in a mod shop, otherwise, they’re very cheap to pick up anyway. If you find something worthy of our list, tweet us @GTA_INTEL and we’ll give it a look!

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