Adin Ross hits out at Twitch ‘double standards’ after ban for GTA RP stream

Half/half image of Adin Ross addressing YouTube viewers and a hacker on GTA V.YouTube: Adin Live / Rockstar Games

Adin Ross has called out Twitch’s ‘hot tub meta’ after being banned from the platform for producing some risqué GTA RP content.

Originally an NBA 2K content creator, Adin Ross has blown up in 2021 to become one of Twitch’s biggest streamers and has since branched out into other games.

Nowadays, you’re most likely to catch him on the SSB GTA RP server, where he last averaged a staggering 75,000 viewers as he rampaged around Los Santos. However, he got up to some controversial activities which have resulted in a ban from Twitch.

While Twitch doesn’t usually reveal the reasons for banning streamers, Ross believes he was banned for producing a controversial piece of RP on the SSB server, which involved two kneeling female characters.

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Adin Ross TwitchInstagram: AdinRoss
Adin Ross is one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the platform.

After the stream concluded, it was announced Twitch had banned Ross from the platform for the third time overall and the second time in two months, after a guest made an inappropriate comment during an April stream.

He didn’t hold back in slamming hot tub streams in his response after the latest ban. “You can be 75% naked, ass and t*ts out… purposely flaunting… but can’t roleplay some s**t in a GTA pixelated video game,” he said. “S**t is weird.”

Ross then called for fans to tweet the hashtag #freeadin and publicized the appeal on both his Twitter and TikTok accounts.

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The hot tub meta has been the biggest talking point on Twitch in 2021, with the platform permitting streamers to wear exposing clothing in certain circumstances, such as in pools and hot tubs.

Eventually, Twitch created the pools, hot tubs, and beaches category, which has seen streamers with an inclination towards hot tubs, such as Alinity and Amouranth, move out of the Just Chatting category.

While Adin’s ban is unlikely to be permanent, it is not yet known when he will be returning to Twitch and back roleplaying on the streets of Los Santos once again.