8-year-old “borrows” fighter jet in GTA Online and it ends in disaster

gta online jetRockstar Games

A youngster took another player’s fighter jet in GTA Online, leading to explosive and disastrous results.

They say never work with children or animals, which sometimes seems a little mean, but GTA Online player DORM12 found this out the hard way when an 8-year-old player made off with his fighter jet.

The jet belonged to DORM12, who uploaded the hilarious video to Reddit under the headline “This is why you don’t give an 8-year-old a jet…”

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gta jetRockstar Games
Jets can be dangerous in GTA Online, especially in the wrong hands.

It appears that the user was okay with the kid borrowing his jet, as he can be seen in the foreground watching them commandeer it. However, things take a turn for the worst once the jet takes off.

Explosive results in GTA Online

No sooner does the eight-year-old Maverick-wannabe fold the landing wheels, they lose control of the fighter jet, and it plummets back down to Earth – exploding on impact.

The final shot is of DORM12 watching helplessly as the game encourages him to contact Mors Mutual Insurance to replace his military-grade jet. This is indeed why you don’t give an 8-year-old a fighter jet, or perhaps a copy of GTA 5.

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Of course, anyone who’s familiar with GTA online will know fighter jets cost a ridiculous amount of credits. A P-996 LAZER is especially expensive, costing around $6,500,000.

Therefore, letting an 8-year-old “borrow’ such a pricey plane was always bound to be risky. Hopefully, DORM 12 will be able to have it replaced using their in-game insurance.

We imagine they’ll not make this same mistake again. If so, they may need to resort to this stunt to eliminate future jet griefers, whatever their age.

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