Yae Miko banner in Genshin Impact: Release date, 4-star characters, more

Yae Miko outside the Grand Narukami ShrinemiHoYo

The Yae Miko banner will arrive in the Genshin Impact 2.5 update, giving Travelers the opportunity to add Inazuma’s Grand Narukami Shrine priestess to their team. Find out everything you need to know about Yae Miko’s release date and 4-star characters ahead of her debut. 

Yae Miko is one of the most highly anticipated 5-star banner releases in Genshin Impact and will join the game’s roster of Inazuma characters. As the chief priestess of the region’s Grand Narukami Shrine, Yae Miko is known for her kindness and intelligent personality. 

When she isn’t busy carrying out her many duties at the Shrine, the Electro character can often be found discussing matters with Raiden Shogun. Yae Miko’s longstanding connection with the Electro Archon has given her unique insights into the mysteries that surround Inazuma. 

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Whether you’re aiming to save up Primogems for Yae Miko’s banner or just wish to know when she releases, then our Genshin Impact’s Yae Miko banner hub has you covered. 


Yae Miko banner release date in Genshin Impact

Yae Miko character model in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo / @abc64real
Yae Miko is one of the most highly anticipated Genshin Impact characters.

The Yae Miko banner will be released on February 16th, 2022 alongside the 2.5 update. This means players won’t have to wait too much longer before they can unlock the 5-star Electro character.

Yae Miko will then be followed by the Raiden Shogun and Kokomi banner reruns, which will enable Travelers to add both characters to their rosters in phase 2 of the 2.5 update.

With this release schedule in mind, it appears Travelers will finally be able to spend all their saved Primogems on her banner.

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Yae Miko banner 4-star characters in Genshin Impact

Yae Miko story questmiHoYo
Yae’s Miko’s banner characters remain a mystery.

The Yae Miko banner has now officially been announced by miHoyo, giving players a look at all the characters that will be featured alongside her. The following 4-star units will receive a special rate-up:

  • Thoma: Pyro
  • Diona: Cryo
  • Fischl: Electro

So, there you have it, everything we know about the Yae Miko banner. In the meantime, check out our other Genshin Impact news and guides:

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