Where to find Frogs in Genshin Impact: Map location & crafting recipes

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Frogs are needed to craft a variety of items in Genshin Impact, but where can you find them? Here are the map locations of how you can get them, along with what crafting recipes they’re required for.

Genshin Impact frogs can be found all over the game’s overworld, particularly near bodies of freshwater. While catching these aquatic amphibians isn’t overly difficult, knowing exactly where to find them can save you a lot of time and effort. 

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Whether you’re looking to catch frogs for your Serenitea Pot or just wish to make Flaming Essential Oil, then you’ll need to locate a lot of these creatures. Fortunately, frogs can be found in abundance in Genshin Impact, so be sure to use our handy location guide to help you hop in the right direction in the game.

Where to find frogs in Genshin Impact?

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Frogs can be found near bodies of water in Genshin Impact.

Frogs can be found all over Teyvat. However, one of the best places to locate frogs in Genshin Impact is Luhua Pool. Simply fast travel to the Teleporter southwest of Guili Plains and continue southwest until you reach the rockpools. 

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You should start to see lots of green frogs jumping in and around the pools. These creatures are pretty fast, so make sure you have plenty of stamina and be ready to pick them up. Of course, if you wish to put them in your Serenitea Pot, then be sure to creep up to them. 

Once you’re close enough, simply get out your Omni-Ubiquity Net and throw it out to capture your newfound friend. Frogs can then be placed as animal furnishings in outside areas of your Serenitea Pot

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Frog crafting recipes in Genshin Impact

Frogs have a number of uses in Genshin Impact, and are crucial to creating Essential Oils and the Straight Shooter. Here are all of the recipes that this crafting material is used for: 

Item Recipe
Flaming Essential Oil Frog x1, Flaming Flower Stamen ×1
Streaming Essential Oil Frog x1, Lotus Head x1
Shocking Essential Oil Frog x1, Electro Crystal x1
Unmoving Essential Oil Frog x1, Cor Lapis x1
Straight Shooter Flaming Flower Stamen x1, Frog x1

So, there you have it, exactly where to find frogs in Genshin Impact.

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