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Mtashed on why Genshin Impact players need to save Primogems for Raiden Shogun banner

Published: 3/Mar/2022 14:39

by James Busby


The Raiden Shogun banner will return in Genshin Impact and Mtashed has revealed why Travelers should roll on her upcoming rerun. 

Genshin Impact recently announced that the Raiden Shogun banner will be released in the 2.5 update, giving players another chance to add the Electro Archon to their team. While the Kokomi banner is also getting a rerun, Mtashed believes that Travelers should save their Primogems for Raiden Shogun.

While many fans and content creators were originally skeptical about the 5-star Electro unit, Raiden Shogun has quickly risen through the ranks. In fact, she is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact and has been consistently used in a variety of teams. 


Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun banner

Raiden Shogun banner screenshot
The Raiden Shogun banner has some incredibly strong characters in it.

Popular Genshin Impact streamer, Mtashed, has revealed why Travelers should save their Primogems for the Raiden Shogun banner rerun. “This one is juicy. Because, if you get Constellations for Kujou Sara, she can be pretty nuts when paired with Raiden Shogun. Then it has Bennett, who is literally the best character in the game,” explained Mtashed. 

While Xinyan doesn’t follow this theme, these 4-star characters are certainly ones players will want to add to their collection. After all, Bennett’s ultimate is particularly useful for buffing your main DPS unit’s damage, while Kujou Sara also enhances Raiden Shogun’s damage even further. 


Timestamp of 1:54

This makes the Raiden Shogun banner particularly good value for those looking to pick up some incredibly powerful 4-star characters. There’s also the chance that you unlock the Electro Archon herself, who continues to be a popular pick in the current Genshin Impact meta

“Raiden Shogun is a god-tier unit. I was wary before because she doesn’t work with Beidou, but she’s absolutely good,” said Mtashed. “She’s been tested, she’s been used in multiple comps, it’s obvious that she is a good unit. At this point in time, it’s impossible to deny that.” 


So, if you’re looking to pick up some powerful Genshin Impact characters and effortlessly destroy your enemies, then Mtashed believes rolling on the Raiden Shogun banner is an absolute must for both new and veteran players. 

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