LilyPichu reveals she’s spent more money on Genshin Impact than she made being in it

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Popular Twitch streamer Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki has revealed that she has spent more money on Genshin Impact than what she made voice acting in it. 

Genshin Impact is known for its huge roster of colorful characters, which players can unlock through Wishes – the game’s gacha system. While certain units can be acquired for free, the best characters often require a huge amount of Primogems, especially when rolling for specific 5-stars. 

With no guarantee that you’ll ever get the characters’ you want, things can get rather pricey for those looking to unlock every new unit. After all, there have been cases where Genshin Impact players have spent thousands of dollars to get their desired 5-star

However, LilyPichu recently shared her own experiences with Genshin Impact’s gacha system, explaining how she ended up spending more money on Wishes than what HoYoverse paid her for her voice acting work.

LilyPichu reveals Genshin Impact gacha problem

For those that aren’t aware, LilyPichu got the opportunity to voice the English dub of Sayu – Genshin Impact’s pint-sized ninja. As a fan of the game, this was obviously a big moment for the popular streamer, who stated how happy the role made her

Since then, Lily has been enthralled by the free-to-play game and has explained how she became obsessed with Genshin Impact after her casting. “I went down this Genshin rabbit hole,” said the streamer during a recent Trash Taste podcast episode. 

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“I was playing the game, spending money, I was rolling for 5-star characters, I was watching Genshin MMDs on YouTube – it was bad.” When asked about the most she’d ever spent on a gacha game, Lily revealed that she’d spent more on Genshin Impact than what HoYoverse had paid her.

“I basically paid back the money that they paid me – it’s terrible, I stopped spending money and I stopped playing. I had to uninstall Cookie Run and Genshin,” explained Lily. Like any gacha game, spending money in Genshin Impact can be a slippery slope and one that can lead to a hefty financial loss, so make sure you take extra care when rolling on each banner.