Kaveh in Genshin Impact: Ability leaks, gameplay & everything we know

An image of Kaveh in Genshin Impact.HoYoverse

Kaveh is an upcoming character in Genshin Impact, so here’s everything you need to know about the unreleased Sumeru architect. 

The latest Genshin Impact leaks have uncovered a number of details surrounding Kaveh – a character that will be released in a future update. While details have been rather scarce on Kaveh, that hasn’t stopped a number of Travelers from revealing info on his in-game design and Vision. 

Players have been jumping into the most recent 3.5 update and saving Primogems for the Dehya banner and the Cyno rerun. If you’re looking ahead to Kaveh however, here’s everything you need to know about him so far. 

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Is there a Kaveh release date window?

Genshin Impact Sumeru charactersHoYoverse
Kaveh is an unreleased Sumeru character.

At the time of writing HoVoverse has yet to reveal the official release date for Kaveh, however, during the official 3.6 livestream, they did confirm that Kaveh will debut during Phase 2 of the 3.6 version update alongside another new Dendro character, Baizhu.

We do know that Phase 1 of 3.6 will launch on April 12, 2023, and given the game’s typical 3-week banner cycle, we can speculate that Kevah will debut around May 3, 2023 however this is yet to be confirmed. 

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As soon as we have confirmed details about Kaveh’s release date in Genshin Impact, we’ll be sure to update this page.

Who is Kaveh in Genshin Impact?

On February 24, 2023, HoYoverse revealed some official promo information about Kaveh. According to their tweet, Kaveh is a Dendro wielder who is a renowned architect from the Sumeru region. He’s known as the Light of Kshahrewar and is one of the most high-profile figures in the industry.

According to an in-game description from Nilou, Kaveh is an architect who built the “magnificent Palace of Alcazarzaray.” Tighnari also mentions Kaveh, stating that “the Palace of Alcazarzaray is his magnum opus”. He even asked Tighnari to recommend suitable ornamental flora during the initial planning. 

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The Dendro bow user notes that Kaveh also ended up heavily in debt after the palace was completed. As a result of this debt, Alhaitham is said to be “helping out” by letting him stay at his place, which Tighnari doesn’t know “whether [it’s] a blessing or a curse.” 

Kaveh abilities in Genshin Impact

On March 1, 2023, Keveh’s abilities were shared by reliable community leaker @merlin_impact on Twitter. Prior to the leak, the only official information that had been revealed by HoYoverse about Kevah’s abilities is that he is a Dendro user. A full breakdown of his leaked abilities can be found below:

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Kaveh’s Normal Attack: Torque Settings

Normal Attack: Kevah uses Mehrak to perform up to 4 consecutive attacks.

Charged Attack: Drains stamina over time to perform continuous slashes, and performs a more powerful slash at the end of the sequence.

Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging opponents and dealing AoE DMG on impact.

Kevah’s Elemental Skill: Artistic Integrity

Kaveh uses Mehrak’s mapping ability to initiate a radial scan that deals AoE Dendro DMG to surrounding enemies. It also scans the area for Dendro Cores within the AoE field and causes them to immediately rupture.

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Kaveh’s Elemental Burst: Painted Dome

Painted Dome completely utilizes all of Mehrak’s energy, creating a cubic scanned space that deals AoE Dendro DMG to all opponents within it, and grants Kaveh enhanced abilities for a specific duration of time and are only canceled once Kaveh leaves the AoE field.

  • Kaveh’s Normal, Charged, and Plunging AoE DMG are all increased, and his ATK damage is converted to Dendro DMG which cannot be overridden.
  • All Dendro cores created by party members through Bloom reactions deal additional rupture DMG.
  • Kaveh’s resistance to interruption is increased.

Kaveh weapon type in Genshin Impact

According to numerous leaks, Kaveh will wield a Claymore. This will make him the first Dendro character to wield this two-handed weapon. So, for Travelers who enjoy the more methodical and hard-hitting attacks associated with this weapon type, Kaveh could be an ideal pick.

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So, there you have it, that’s everything we currently know about Kaveh in Genshin Impact. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and updates.

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