Genshin Impact Windtrace tactic is giving Albedo mains free wins

Albedo outside Genshin Impact Dawn WinerymiHoYo

Genshin Impact’s Windtrace event has finally returned, and Albedo players are using a hilarious trick to get some free wins. 

The Genshin Impact 2.4 update has finally brought back the Windtrace event, the beloved hide and seek style minigame. Unlike the game’s combat-focused challenges, Windtrace pits players against one another. This makes it extremely popular amongst adventurers of all levels. 

Tracking down other travelers on the map can be rather tricky at the best of times, but Albedo players are using a comical trick to gain an advantage and outwit the Hunter. Whether you’re a Rebel looking to find the best hiding spots or a Hunter aiming to increase your catch rate, utilizing the Kreideprinz in the event could give you an advantage. 

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Albedo Windtrace tactic gives players free wins

An image of Albedo standing in some snow in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Albedo is a great pick for Genshin Impact’s Windtrace event.

Genshin Impact’s Windtrace event pits one Hunter against three Rebels, evading the Hunter’s pursuit by hiding around the map until the time expires. While hiding as one of the game’s numerous objects and blending into your surroundings is a good strategy, sometimes it’s best to hide in plain sight. 

This is exactly what a number of Albedo players have been doing, which is leading to some rather comedic encounters. One of the most iconic locations in the Windtrace event is Mondstadt Dawn Winery. Not only does this affluent estate have plenty of trees, bushes, and fields for players to hide in – there are also a number of maids that are dotted around the building. 

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Their simple black and white attire looks fairly similar to Albedo’s own outfit, making them the perfect camouflage. So far, Albedo players have discovered they can evade capture by simply standing amongst these characters, leading to some comical wins. 

If you’re a Windtrace Rebel, we recommend trying this simple strategy for yourself. After all, claiming a victory can reward you with a bounty of Primogems and rewards. For those who are Hunters, you’ll want to double-check this area next time you do a sweep of the Dawn Winery estate. 

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