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Genshin Impact Traveler skin concept wows fans with Inazuma outfit

Published: 9/Nov/2021 16:19

by James Busby


A talented Genshin Impact fan has created some Inazuma-themed skins for Lumine and Aether, giving players a peek at what alternate skins would potentially look like. 

During Genshin Impact’s 1.6 update, miHoYo released summer skins for Jean and Barbara, and since then, players have wanted more cosmetics added to the game. While recent leaks have uncovered details surrounding the upcoming Keqing and Ningguang skins, there’s still been no news on whether the game’s main protagonists will get their own alternate costumes. 

While the Inazuma region brought with it plenty of new characters, enemies, and beautiful landscapes – both Lumine and Aether still wear their default outfits. Many fans had hoped the new region would give these siblings a fresh look, however, they were ultimately left disappointed when their attire remained unchanged. 


However, one fan has given these two siblings a new look that has been inspired by Inazuma’s traditional style. 

Lumine and Aether Inazuma skins

Genshin Impact's Lumine and Aether in a field of white flowers
Lumine and Aether still don’t have alternate skins.

The world of Teyvat is home to numerous regions and cultures, which makes each area feel uniquely distinct. From the towering castle walls of Mondstadt to the elegant fishing harbors of Liyue, Genshin Impact is brimming with plenty of beautiful locations. 

As the main protagonists of the game, Lumine and Aether travel to each new region in search of one another. It’s here where they experience different cultures, befriend new characters, and clash swords with bloodthirsty enemies. 

While the scenery and inhabitants of each area may change, there is one thing that remains the same, and that’s the protagonists’ outfits. Unlike other open-world games, Genshin Impact’s main characters only have one costume. 


So far, miHoYo has yet to release alternate skins for Lumine and Aether, but @soyventilatte has given both characters an Inazuma-inspired makeover. Aether can be seen sporting a traditional brown and black garb, while Lumine has been kitted out with an elegant baby blue dress in a similar styling to Raiden Shogun’s kimono. 

It’s certainly a striking look and one that suits the current region’s dress code. Whether miHoYo will add alternate costumes for the Traveler in future updates remains to be seen, but for now, we have @soyventilatte’s brilliant fan designs to show how it could look.