Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa location: Alhaitham Ascension Material


Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations can be found across the Sumeru region, but knowing exactly where to find them can be a little tricky. So, in order to save you time trekking across the region, here’s where you can find Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact.

With the upcoming release of Alhaitham in Genshin Impact 3.4, many Travelers will be wondering where they can find Sand Grease Pupa locations. These hardy husks are native to the Sumeru region, the game’s vast desert that is home to plenty of new characters and enemies. 

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So, if you’re aiming to roll on the Alhaitham banner or just wish to know where you can get one of his key Ascension Materials, then you’ll need to locate plenty of Sand Grease Pupa. Fortunately, our handy Sand Grease Pupa location guide will cover exactly where you can find them to help save you time trekking through the Sumeru desert.


What is a Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa?

Sand Grease Pupa is a local specialty that is native to Sumeru in Genshin Impact. In fact, this husk can only be found in this region, which means Travelers will need to progress through the story in order to farm this material.

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Honey Impact has leaked the official Sand Grease Pupa description, which notes that “cunning merchants will collect Sand Grease Pupas and grind them into powder to pass off as the high-end spices extracted from the body fat of sandworms.”

Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations

Genshin Impact Sumeru screenshotHoYoverse
Sand Grease Pupa is found deep in the Sumeru desert.

According to Honey Impact, Sand Grease Pupa locations can be found deep in the Sumeru desert where the Quicksand Unagi breed. Quicksand Unagi appear on the surface of the Sumeru desert, but these eggs will likely be found deep within the region’s caverns away from predators. 

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While HoYoverse has yet to reveal the Sand Grease Pupa locations in Genshin Impact, we will likely hear further information in the weeks to come. Whether Sand Grease Pupa will require any special farming methods to obtain remains to be seen, but for now, that’s all the information we have. 

Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa uses

Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa are used to Ascend Alhaitham. In fact, Travelers will need to harvest 168 Sand Grease Pupa in total to Ascend Alhaitham to his maximum level, so be sure to farm as many as you can when the 3.4 update goes live. 

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So, there you have it, that’s everything we know about the Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and guides.

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