Genshin Impact “review bombed” as Anniversary rewards upset players

Andrew Amos
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Genshin Impact players were not impressed as the game’s anniversary passed on September 28, opting to “review bomb” the game on mobile app stores. It comes after plenty of community backlash surrounding miHoYo’s choice of anniversary awards.

Genshin Impact’s first anniversary was meant to be a celebration of all things Teyvat. Instead, it has only riled up disgruntled players who were expecting more after an electric first year.

miHoYo’s anniversary rewards of 10 rolls and a handful of Mora and experience disappointed players. Some wanted free copies of 4-star or 5-star units, and definitely more rolls than just a single 10-pull.

Players were vocal in the lead-up to Anniversary, but as the date came and gone, miHoYo didn’t implement any changes. There wasn’t even a livestream. So, players took to social media and app stores to voice their outrage.

Kokomi Genshin Impact
While Genshin Impact players were outraged about the anniversary, they also expressed disappointment about other problems in the review bombing.

Genshin Impact’s rating on the Google Play Store plummeted as players “review bombed” miHoYo’s game. After hovering around the 4.5 star mark since launch, it dropped to below a rating of 2 for the first time on September 28.

At the time of writing, Genshin Impact’s rating on the Google Play Store sits at 2.3 out of 5, with over half the game’s 2.4 million reviews at 1-star.

Most players’ reviews expressed disappointment at not just the anniversary rewards, but the lackluster release of Kokomi, and the lack of end-game content.

Genshin Impact review bombing
Genshin Impact players were annoyed with more than just anniversary rewards.

It wasn’t just Genshin Impact that took the brunt of the review bombing. miHoYo’s other popular mobile titles, including Honkai Impact 3 and Tears of Themis, were targeted. However, the impact on their overall ratings were minimal.

On Twitter, the #genshinanniversary hashtag went viral. Some players pointed out that miHoYo gave out better rewards for signing up to Genshin compared to the anniversary.

With Genshin Impact patch 2.2 on the horizon, miHoYo might have a chance to redeem themselves with a big drop in the next update. However, it seems fans aren’t holding their breath.