Genshin Impact players want better communication after botched Anniversary Event

James Busby

Genshin Impact’s Anniversary Event has left many players disappointed, but could this situation have been avoided if there was more communication from miHoYo? 

The Genshin Impact Anniversary Event hasn’t exactly gone down well with the game’s community. In fact, players from around the world have taken to social media to voice their anger at miHoYo for the lack of in-game rewards. 

Players have even gone as far as review bombing the game on the app store, driving down the rating to an all-time low. Despite this huge outcry from the community, the developers have still yet to address the ongoing issue. 

However, this lack of communication from miHoYo is hardly anything new for fans – with many players noting that the silence surrounding upcoming content has been gradually getting worse. 

Genshin Impact Anniversary
Genshin Impact’s Anniversary Event has angered a lot of fans.

Genshin Impact Anniversary Event reaches boiling point

Upon Genshin Impact’s release, developers miHoYo released updates on the official hoyolab website. It’s here where the community could read official news about upcoming Version Updates, new events, and general bug fixes. 

Not only did this give the player base something to look forward to, but it also helped temper and even heighten expectations for new content. Unfortunately, this level of communication has gradually disappeared, leaving many fans questioning what future updates entail. 

“I’m positive that if miHoYo told the community weeks ago what the anniversary was and wasn’t going to be, we wouldn’t be in a mess this large,” said Rezahn. “A lot of people feel like they are being treated poorly by this company. They feel like a rug was pulled out from under them when their anniversary event was a cute slideshow and a few primos.”

Aside from the upcoming Genshin Impact patch 2.2 livestream, miHoYo has kept tight-lipped regarding all information pertaining to new content. A number of players even noted that communication went downhill further once Genshin’s official Twitter switched out its loveable mascot (Paimon) for a generic Twitter handle. 

Genshin Impact Anniversary Event
Paimon no longer provides updates on Twitter.

“Honestly, [Paimon] was always communicating with players and having fun with events, but ever since the name change, it feels as if the corporate overlords tightened their grasp on communication,” said Megajoshuaw. “It shows through the disappearance of developer updates/discussions and even the recognition of the community.”

To counter the lack of developer updates, a number of Genshin Impact leakers quickly cropped up and began delving into the game’s files to uncover unannounced content. This led to a mass exodus of unreleased characters, regions, weapons, and assets being shared around social media forums – an area that miHoYo has been incredibly keen to clear up

Narsiel believes that miHoYo should take note from FFXIV’s development team. “[Square Enix] are openly sincere with absolutely everything. Are they having hardships making stuff? They say so. Are they happily working over something in particular? They say so, and their playerbase is extremely grateful for this because there’s absolute transparency rewarded with undying loyalty. This is just scummy.” 

Whether miHoYo will eventually break the silence surrounding Genshin Impact’s Anniversary Event remains to be seen, but the community is hoping that the developers will be more open with them in the future.