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Genshin Impact players slam miHoYo over Geo move update: “No way that’s intended”

Published: 7/Nov/2021 20:33

by Brent Koepp


Some Genshin Impact players are furious after miHoYo officially released a statement on why Geo characters such as Zhongli and Albedo have moves that don’t always work in battle. 

Over the course of 2021, Genshin Impact fans have been reporting a “bug” where Geo structures would not work if placed on surfaces that have water on them. The issue became particularly problematic in the Oceanid boss battle.

After a wave of complaints, miHoYo finally responded to the reports and claimed that it isn’t actually a bug. However, their explanation didn’t sit well with some in the community and sparked backlash from angry players.


Genshin Impact's Zhongli using Geo move screenshot
A handful of Geo moves don’t work in certain situations.

miHoYo angers Genshin Impact fans with Geo bug update

In a November 7, 2021 update, miHoYo addressed players sending in reports over some Geo moves being disabled in the Oceanoid boss battle. According to the Chinese developer, it isn’t actually a bug. In a letter to fans, the creators gave an explanation for the mechanic.

“Greetings Traveler! Geo Structures from characters such as Zhongli, Traveler, Albedo, and Ningguang, etc. cannot be placed on the Oceanid floor,” they said. “This is not a bug but an intended feature.”

The developer concluded with a workaround to the problem. “Do keep in mind that if you freeze the water on the Oceanid floor, you will be able to spawn Geo Structures because the floor is now stable.”


An answer to Oceanid & GeoConstructs from Genshin_Impact

The note to the community immediately sparked backlash from some players who were not satisfied with the explanation. Many decried the design as being an unfair “nerf” for Geo characters, while some even accused the developer of being untruthful.

“I hate that they did this from the beginning,” a frustrated fan wrote. “Geo is not the elemental you need to intentionally nerf in fights. Come on.”

Another angrily replied, “We know that it’s intended. That’s the f**king problem.”

Genshin Impact fans angry over Geo Update Reddit

Others hit out at the developer for allegedly trying to cover up what they feel is a bug. “There’s no way that’s intended. They just don’t want to fix it,” a commentator exclaimed.


“So it’s not a bug, just s**t game design” and  “miHoYo really be pulling the “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” card,” two other players replied.

Genshin Impact players mock miHoYo's explanation on Geo moves on Reddit

The issue mainly only impacts the Oceanid boss battle which has a floor covered in water as in the fight, tiles eventually sink. Some players are not buying miHoYo’s explanation, however, as Geo structures disappear when ice does, so why can’t it just disappear when the floor sinks as well?

Other users also pointed out that Albedo and Ningguang’s moves technically hover off the ground. Regardless, the Chinese developer appears to be firm on the mechanic. Geo users will just have to stick it out or swap to an Electro team for the fight.