Genshin Impact player’s pet dog goes viral after pulling 5-star Eula

Corgi dog next to Genshin Impact character EulaPixabay / miHoYo

A Genshin Impact player’s pet dog went viral online they after pulled 5-star hero Eula with just one Wish.

Whether you are a ‘whale’ or a free-to-play user, any Genshin Impact fan knows the pain of saving up Primogems to pull for a specific 5-star hero, only to get a 3-star weapon instead.

One player hit the ultimate stroke of when their pet dog managed to get Knights of Favonius Captain Eula. The adorable puppy had the community gushing after it scored the Claymore user.

Genshin Impact hero Eula in Abyss screenshotmiHoYo
A player’s puppy went viral after pulling the 5-star hero.

Pet dog goes viral pulling 5-star Genshin Impact character

Originally released in Genshin Impact version 1.5, Claymore user Eula made her return in November 2021’s re-run banner. While many have spent weeks trying to get the character, one player unlocked the heroine after they let their pet puppy make a Wish in the game.

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In a video uploaded to the r/Genshin_Impact forum, user ‘LostWings7’ can be seen taking the paw of their dog and pressing it down on their iPad to initiate the banner. “How to get Eula: Get a puppy to wish,” the MiHoYo fan wrote.

Incredibly, after just using up the single Wish, the familiar cutscene turned to gold as the canine was able to score Eula with just one try. The clip immediately went viral on the social media site as players of the gacha game fell in love with the lucky pooch.

“Imma need that puppy,” a player reacted to the video. Another exclaimed, “Let him with on Gorou.” Other Eula fans asked to borrow the pet for their own luck. “May I borrow your pupper for a moment? I need Eula,” a user replied.

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Genshin Impact fans react to pet dog pulling Eula on Reddit

Of course, it should be pointed out that it’s entirely possible for the user to have used up their Pity and also have previously lost on the 50/50 guaranteed 5-star pull. But come on, it’s a cute puppy wishing for Eula in Genshin Impact – are we really going to be cynical here?

Whether perfectly timed by the player or just an incredibly lucky dog, the video was a major hit with fans. One thing’s for sure, many will now be holding their pets tightly for good luck when Arataki Itto makes his debut on December 14, 2021.