Genshin Impact players furious as event glitch keeps sabotaging games

Brent Koepp
Genshin Impact Paimon & Traveler scared

Some Genshin Impact fans are outraged after a bug tied to the Labyrinth Warriors event is ruining their Spiral Abyss runs and boss battles. The bizarre glitch is leaving characters dead in seconds and the community wants miHoYo to fix it now.

As a part of Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update, miHoYo rolled out the Labyrinth Warriors event. The semi-dungeon crawler domain has so far been a massive hit with the gacha RPG’s community.

That is, until a new glitch was discovered. According to many fans, a bug tied to the mode has been wreaking havoc on players and leaving their characters dead at the worst time possible.

Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warrior Event
The Labyrinth Warrior event has a bug plaguing players’ games.

Genshin Impact event glitch is sabotaging players

During the Labyrinth Warriors Event, players can only tackle one section of the domain every few days. The mode doesn’t progress until a certain amount of time has passed. The feature’s design has created an unintentional headache for users according to multiple reports.

The issue was first highlighted in a viral thread on the r/GenshinImpact forum when ‘arzenalvilkiss’ posted a video of the bug. “[Today I learned] event intros can ruin your Abyss runs,” they titled their post, which included a video of their Abyss attempt being interrupted by the event.

In the clip, the player is in the heat of battle when a notification appears on screen notifying them that Labyrinth Warriors: Pt II “Pushing On” has started. During the message pop-up, the user’s character continues to be pummeled by enemies while not being able to move, eventually killing them.

The Genshin Impact player wasn’t the only one to report the glitch. The community took to social media to vent their frustrations and share their similar experiences.

“Happened to me too a couple hours ago. I can’t believe it can show up in the abyss, I was in the middle of a fight,” a user wrote. Another said, “Happened to me. My Raiden Shogun got killed with her fully stacked resolve.”

Genshin Impact fans describe event Glitch on Reddit

Other reports began to pour in stating that the bug wasn’t just tied to the Abyss but can happen anywhere. “Happened to me when I was artifact farming. Rosaria fell down a cliff as the notification appeared as soon as I jumped and was trying to deploy my wing glider,” a fan exclaimed.

Users also detailed dying in the middle off important situations such as boss fights. “Happened today while I was fighting Dvalin, and it caused me to fall off the platforms” and “Exact thing happened to me. Paimon started talking and Maguu Kenkin sent poor Rosaria to heaven” were just two of the many comments.

Genshin Impact players share their experiences with event Glitch

While this isn’t the first time an event reset has been tied to as specific time, the Labyrinth Warriors event appears to be more sporadic and widespread. Many players begged miHoYo to to push through an emergency patch to fix the situation.

At the time of writing, the developer has yet to respond to the backlash. One thing’s for certain, though – if you plan on adventuring in Teyvat, make sure to look at the mission’s details as it will list the time window of when the mission can start. If not, it might just pop up at the worst timing possible and cost you.