Genshin Impact players frustrated over “disappointing” Eula attack bug

Meg Bethany Koepp
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Genshin Impact players have been spending Primogems like no tomorrow trying to win Eula through her Banner, so some are a little miffed to discover her attack animation is bugged.

The Cryo-based heroine has been a huge hit with fans since she was revealed, with many bursting at the seams with anticipation for her release. And on May 18, she was finally made available with her own Banner.

As with every five-star character, obtaining her is down to pure luck; fortunate players get her with a Wish or two, and some never get the drop even after spending 50. So it is understandable then that some aren’t happy to find out one of her animations doesn’t work properly.

Genshin Impact Eula animation bug

Of course, an attack animation being bugged isn’t as big of a deal as, say, a character being invincible or getting no cooldowns. Nonetheless, some fans are still annoyed.

As first pointed out in the Chinese Genshin Impact community and then posted onto the r/Genshin_Impact subreddit, when performing Eula’s normal attack chain, her second move is disconnected from the first.

This makes what should be a flawless animation look “unnatural” as one disgruntled user called it, as it snaps directly into another attack with no frame in between.

(Video courtesy of Fumika on the official MiHoYo discussion forums)
“Character animations in this game are great and flow together so well so to see such a fluid, graceful character have such a break in that fluidity is very disappointing,” one user wrote in the Reddit thread.
“I wouldn’t call myself a “frames” person but even I can tell that’s not right… That is WAY TOO unnatural looking…” another commented.
Some players even went so far as to say they doubt miHoYo will fix the issue as it doesn’t affect the gameplay. “Looks like this might be difficult to fix without completely changing that part of the combo… It definitely should be fixed, but somehow I doubt they will,” a fan said.
genshin impact reddit comments
Some fans aren’t pleased.

At the time of writing, it is unclear if the glitch is on miHoYo’s radar to fix, or whether it’ll be something players just have to get used to.

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