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Genshin Impact players are obsessed with new character Yelan for most bizarre reason

Published: 29/Mar/2022 1:05

by Brent Koepp


Genshin Impact fans love the newly-announced character Yelan. Hours after HoYoverse revealed her, players became obsessed with the hero’s design for the strangest reasons. 

With the 2.6 update days from release, Genshin Impact fans were surprised when HoYoverse also revealed Version 2.7’s new character Yelan.

Her design began trending worldwide on Twitter after she was announced due to players bizarrely becoming obsessed with her armpits.

Genshin Impact’s new character Yelan trends for bizarre reason

The new hero was announced on the official Genshin Impact social media account in a March 28 tweet. The Twitter post included a brief description and profile picture of the Version 2.7 character.

It was Yelan’s design, however, that immediately caught the attention of fans of the Gacha RPG. While many praised HoYoverse for her fierce design, other users strangely fixated on the character’s armpits – yes, you read that right.


The weird obsession quickly went viral on Twitter and even sparked the trending hashtag #ArmpitImpact with thousands of people posting about it.

The popular website was filled with tweets about the new Genshin Impact hero’s armpits.

“Armpit Impact LETS GOOOOO. Not pulling for Kamisato Ayato CONFIRMED!” one user wrote.

Another tweeted “Her armpit is brighter than my future.” One fan even exclaimed, “Glory to armpits.”

Genshin Impact fans react to Yelan Twitter screenshot.

The strange pit obsession overshadowed the announcement for some players, who reacted to the community’s bizarre Yelan reaction.

“I can’t believe ya’ll simping over a drawing of a character that even out yet,” a Twitter user posted.


Others weren’t too thrilled with the character’s design. “She seriously does not look like she belongs in a game like Genshin Impact,” one post read.

Genshin Impact players react to fans obsessing over Yelan screenshot.

Yelan’s armpits also sparked a wave of memes, with users creating fake deodorant ads with her picture. This isn’t the first time the Genshin Impact community has obsessed over a character’s look either, such as players fixating on Diluc’s “emotionless” gaze.

Strange trends aside, the new hero will debut in Version 2.7. Her banner should go live around May 11, 2022 which will give fans plenty of time to save up those Primogems.