Genshin Impact fans relieved following Mika Stamina nerf announcement


Genshin Impact announced its plans to minorly nerf Mika only days after he arrived in the game’s 3.5 update, causing players to breathe a sigh of relief.

Genshin Impact added Mika to Shenhe and Ayaka’s re-run Wish Banners as the new 4-star character. After Rosaria, Mika marked the second Cryo Polearm user and served as The Surveyor of the Mondstadt Reconnaissance Company.

Four days after Mika’s introduction as a playable character, Genshin Impact revealed it had incorrectly input the Stamina Cost of his Charged Attack at 20 instead of the typical 25. The reveal has come after many players expressed concern over the character’s overpowered build.

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Genshin Impact makes a minor adjustment to Mika

Mika in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

On the Genshin Impact subreddit, Reddit user Gas4078 posted a screenshot of the game’s upcoming change to Mika. The announcement declared Mika’s Stamina Cost issue would be fixed in a March 30 update. Like usual nerfs, Genshin Impact will compensate players with Primogems for the adjustment.

_MikasaChan_ praised the decision, “Imagine doing 5 charged attack with him as healer/support and then getting nerfed to 4. That was a freaking broken character.”

Another user said, “His and Dehya’s beta was one of the saddest betas I’ve ever witnessed. I’m pretty sure Mika didn’t even receive any significant change to his kit for the entirety of the beta.”

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Genshin Impact’s previous banner featured the new 5-star Pyro Claymore user Dehya, whose underwhelming kit resulted in many players demanding HoYoverse fix the character.

Despite many feeling Mika was overpowered, some gamers expressed disappointment over HoYoverse’s choice to change Mika.

tetePT said, “They love making useless changes to characters that literally no one asked for.”

Taokaka_chan assumed HoYoverse’s worries about the Cryo character were in conjunction with Hu Tao. “Noooo, my charged attack build, Mika, I’ll never recover from this,” they wrote. “They must be worried about him powercreep Hu Tao, this is a massive nerf, we need to demand Dehya buff as compensation.”

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While the gaming company nerfed Mika, other characters’ unfixed errors still remain. For example, Keqing’s Charged Attack costs 25 Stamina while other Sword characters’ ability uses 20 Stamina.

It’s undetermined if HoYoverse will appeal to players’ requests for an improved Dehya kit.

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