Genshin Impact makes big change to events with Three Realms Gateway Offering & fans love it

. 4 months ago
Genshin Impact Traveler next to update 2.5 event artwork screenshot.

HoYoverse has introduced a major change to Genshin Impact events with the Three Realms Gateway Offering. The overhaul has fans begging the developer to keep the changes in future updates.

To kick off Genshin Impact’s version 2.5 update, HoYoverse has launched the Three Realms Gateway Offering event on February 17.

While on the surface it looks like any other in-game celebration, the Enkanomiya storyline has actually introduced a major change to how the gacha game handles events and fans are loving it.

Genshin Impact Update 2.5 Enkanomiya event screenshot.
Genshin Impact players love the major change made in the Update 2.5 event.

HoYoverse makes major change with Genshin Impact 2.5 event

Ever since the debut of the first event in 2020, the vast majority of events in Genshin Impact have been spaced out across multiple days. Often called “time-gating,” players would have to come back at a later date to complete locked content.

The design has often been a major complaint from fans. However, all of that has changed with the Three Realms Gateway Offering event in the Genshin Impact version 2.5 update. Not only does it not have time-locked content, but users can technically complete the month-long celebration in one sitting.

YouTuber ‘Undiscovery Ch’ picked up on this massive change and made a video highlighting the difference between previous event-based content. Players immediately reacted to the changes with praise.

“The fact that the even isn’t timegated is what made me finish Enkanomiya quest line. It allowed me to do it at my own pace instead of feeling rushed,” one player wrote.

Another agreed and said, “The event not being timegated got me playing Genshin Impact for hours doing meaningful content, was fun as hell.”

Other fans pointed out that the event changes allowed them to be more flexible with their own schedules. “I love this. I’ve got exams coming up so I’m glad I can just do the event in a few days and not miss out on it,” a comment read.

Genshin Impact fans react to Update 2.5 event.

It should be pointed out that HoYoverse has called the Three Realms Gateway Offering “exploration quests” so it’s possible that the new changes will only be applied to future events of similar design. This also makes sense given just how massive Enkanomiya is compared to past storylines.

Still, many players praised the event overhaul and have begged the Chinese developer to drop time-gating for further in-game celebrations. Only time will tell whether the community gets their wish.

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