Genshin Impact leak reveals Hydro Archon’s Elemental Burst

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A new Genshin Impact leak sheds light surrounding the mysterious Hydro Archon’s kit. The surfaced information described what the character’s Elemental Burst could entail.

Currently, Genshin Impact players are enjoying the latest expansion of Sumeru’s desert area. With Version 3.6, the mobile game introduced two new bosses and a Sumeru-focused event sometime in the update’s future. In the second half of Version 3.6, Genshin Impact will include two new characters on the Wish Banner – Kaveh and Baizhu.

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While Sumeru and the Dendro element are still relatively new, a few leaks have given players an inside look at the region of Fontaine. Additionally, unproven information regarding the Hydro Archon’s kit has emerged online.

Genshin Impact leak details Hydro Archon’s HP reduction ability

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On the Genshin Impact leaks subreddit, Reddit user Guirland shared a screenshot of the Hydro Archon’s alleged Elemental Burst description. The image claimed that the character – known as Focalors – could generate a field for their Elemental Burst.

While inside the field, the ability would decrease allies’ HP and increase their damage output. If valid, Focalors would join the other four Archons as support characters.

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“Who would have thought, the Hydro archon actually hurts you instead of healing you,” Serfo wrote.

“I can’t explain why but Focalors taking health away from her allies to deal more damage feels really in character,” boollye remarked.

Like most Genshin Impact leaks, players should always take these details with a grain of salt. For example, some supposed Kirara was a 5-star Geo character before the game revealed her as a four-star Dendro user.

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As for Focalors’ rumored arrival date, Genshin fans suspect the Hydro Archon could appear in updates 4.1 or 4.2. Until then, check out our article on everything new coming to Version 3.7 on May 24 – including potential character banners and events.

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