Genshin Impact fans slam miHoYo over A Study in Potions event difficulty

Sucrose in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo

Genshin Impact players have voiced their concerns over the Study in Potions event, sparking debate over the game’s difficulty. 

Ever since Genshin Impact’s release, fans have weighed in on the game’s event difficulty. However, the recent 2.4 update A Study in Potions event has seemingly reignited this debate. While many travelers are currently busy working their way through Enkanomiya and busy farming materials for Shenhe and Yun Jin, the latest event has proven divisive amongst the community. 

Like most free-to-play titles, miHoYo releases events that enable players to unlock a variety of virtual goodies in Genshin Impact. These range from limited-time weapons to Primogems and character experience materials. While previous events have been praised by the community, the new Study in Potions challenge is causing a lot of frustration amongst players. 

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Genshin Impact A Study in Potions event outrage

A Study in Potions Genshin Impact event bannermiHoYo
Genshin Impact’s A Study in Potions is proving divisive in the community.

A Study in Potions is the latest event to hit Genshin Impact and was introduced alongside the game’s 2.4 update. Despite its name, this limited-time challenge does not require players to craft their own magical concoctions. 

Instead, travelers are tasked with taking down a variety of enemies, with each subsequent floor scaling in difficulty. While this may not be a problem for veteran players who have maxed out their characters, constellations, and weapons – it can prove extremely difficult for both new and free-to-play travelers. 

“I’m struggling a lot because aside from the vanilla team, I don’t have any character built up enough to be competitive in events of this difficulty. The timer is just so tight,” explained one frustrated player

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In order to claim the full bounty of Primogems, travelers must complete several floors of the trial, which can be extremely difficult. This is especially true given you can’t rely on one team comp to power your way through each floor. 

A Study in Potions trial character screenmiHoYo
A Study in Potions trial characters can only get you so far.

“As an invested player who spends money in this game I am aware that I’d have an easier time than my newer F2P peers,” said one player. “I would prefer aspects of the game to be harder in order to test my skills, but I would not like to have a more enjoyable experience in content that rewards Primogems at [the expense of others] as is happening with this event.”

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This has led to many Genshin Impact fans requesting a difficulty option, which would enable new and more casual players to take part in events, without being penalized for their overall level and skill. 

“For the long-term health of the general playerbase, a supplementary difficulty customization option would allow for all people to find the right level of challenge for the game…without taking away the sense of accomplishment by forcing the use of trial characters all the time.”

Whether miHoYo will change the way it handles events and the requirements needed to beat them remains to be seen, but for now, it seems the A Study in Potions challenges remains a divisive talking point amongst the playerbase. 

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