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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact fan remakes iconic locations ahead of Lantern Rite Festival

Published: 20/Jan/2022 10:51

by James Busby


The Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Festival may be just around the corner, but a talented player has kicked off the celebrations early with their own event. 

While Genshin Impact fans prepare for the upcoming Lantern Rite Festival and Ganyu banner rerun, many players will be looking forward to the new 2.4 events. Fleeting Colors in Flight, also known as Lantern Rite, will include a variety of new quests and free Primogem rewards for travelers. 

Aside from free Genshin Impact characters, there will also be a new Ningguang skin that players can obtain. There’s certainly a lot to look forward to in this year’s festival, but one talented player has created their own Lantern Rite ahead of the event’s official release date. 


If that wasn’t impressive enough, a number of iconic locations from the game have also been painstakingly remade. 

Genshin Impact x Minecraft crossover 

Ganyu, Shenhe, and Xiao in Liyue
Genshin Impact is home to plenty of beautiful locations.

Mojang’s world of Minecraft is endless, and players have been creating amazing worlds since the title was released. From Pokemon paradises to dedicated RPGs, there are plenty of amazing projects that are being created. Now, DawnArchi has faithfully recreated a number of iconic locations from miHoYo’s open-world game. 

First up is the cobblestone streets of Mondstadt – one of the seven nations featured in Teyavt and home of the Knights of Favonius. DawnArchi has carefully built the towering castle, which is then surrounded by white brick houses, shops, and beautiful fountains. 


Genshin Impact but Remade in Minecraft! from Genshin_Impact

Liyue has also received a Minecraft makeover, with the talented player perfectly capturing the market harbor’s bustling streets and traditional buildings. This location is bursting with both color and detail. If that wasn’t enough, DawnArchi even recreated key locations from Inazuma and Dragonspine. 

It’s clear a lot of time and effort has gone into recreating these areas and we can’t wait to see what the other locations DawnArchi builds in the future.