Genshin Impact event schedule: All current and upcoming events

Shenhe Genshin Impact Lantern RitemiHoYo

Find out what the current and upcoming Genshin Impact events are, from Lantern Rite to Fleeting Colors in Flight, along with when they go live by checking out our handy schedule. 

Genshin Impact is constantly updating the game with new events that travellers of all Adventure Ranks can enjoy. From the ever-popular Windtrace event to the brutal battles of the Study in Potions mode, miHoYo provides plenty of limited-time activities. 

Aside from providing new and exciting ways to play, Genshin Impact events also reward players with Primogems and character materials. This makes them extremely popular amongst the community. 

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However, keeping tabs on every Genshin Impact event can be tricky. In order to help you keep track of all the festivities, we’ve listed all the current and upcoming events you need to know about. 


Current Genshin Impact events

Shenhe, Ganyu, and Xiao in Fleeting Colors in FlightmiHoYo
The Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors in Flight event will start soon.

The current Genshin Impact events include the Of Drink A-Dreaming, the Divine Ingenuity game mode, and various Version 2.5 art contests. All the currently available Genshin Impact events can be found below: 

Event Duration Type
Into the Shadows February 16, 2022 – March 28, 2022 In-game Battle Pass
Three Realms Gateway Offering February 17, 2022 – March 30, 2022 In-game event
Character Test Run (Raiden Shogun, Kokomi, Bennett, Xinyan, and Kujo Sara) March 8, 2022 – March 29, 2022 In-game event
Divine Ingenuity March 2, 2022 – March 21, 2022 In-game event
Of Drink A-Dreaming March 10, 2022 – March 24, 2022 In-game event
Sangonomiya Kokomi Art Contest March 1, 2022 – March 17, 2022 Web Submission
Raiden Shogun Art Contest March 1, 2022 – March 17, 2022 Web Submission
Divine Ingenuity Video Submission Contest March 3, 2022 – March 21, 2022 Web Submission
When the Sakura Bloom Strategy Guides Contest February 16, 2022 – March 27, 2022 Web Submission

Upcoming Genshin Impact events

cover art for the overflowing mastery event in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
The Overflowing Mastery event is coming back to Genshin Impact soon.

The upcoming Genshin Impact events include Overflowing Mastery, which will enable players to farm for talent ascension materials. There will also be an opportunity to play the exciting Hyakunin Ikki game mode in the coming weeks.

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All the future Genshin Impact events can be found below: 

Event Duration Type
Hyakunin Ikki 2.5 Rerun March 18, 2022 – March 28, 2022 In-game event
Overflowing Mastery March 21, 2022 – March 28, 2022 In-game event

Permanent Genshin Impact events

Fate Foretold event screenmiHoYo
Fate Foretold is one of the many permanent events in Genshin Impact

Aside from the limited-time game modes, Genshin Impact also includes permanent events that travellers can access at all times. Most notably is the Spiral Abyss Event – People’s Choice, which enables players to unlock a free Xiangling. 

There’s also the HoYoLAB Community Daily Check-In. These rewards players with free Primogems and character materials. Every permanent Genshin Impact event is listed below: 

Event Duration Type
Spiral Abyss Event – People’s Choice Indefinite In-game reward
Wings of Companionship Indefinite In-game reward
Fate Foretold Indefinite In-game event
Baptism of Song Indefinite In-game reward
Stellar Reunion Indefinite In-game reward
HoYoLAB Community Daily Check-In Indefinite Login reward

So, there you have it, every all current and upcoming Genshin Impact event. We’ll be updating this section as soon as we receive more details, so make sure you bookmark this page. 

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