Genshin Impact endgame Q&A sparks fan outrage over lack of content

Paimon angry faceHoYoverse

The Genshin Impact endgame content discussion has reached boiling point after the developers announced no future plans for combat-focused modes. 

Following the recent announcement that Genshin Impact will not be adding any combat-orientated endgame content outside of the Spiral Abyss, fans have come together to voice their anger over the news. 

This controversial news was revealed via a recent GameSpot interview, which stated that HoYoverse has no plans to add difficult endgame content to Genshin. It was also found that no Resin changes would be made, which also sparked anger amongst the game’s community. 

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Genshin Impact endgame Q&A sparks outrage

“They’re so out of touch with their player base,” said one commenter. “I can tell all those surveys are being ignored.” Meanwhile, other players were keen to highlight just how stale the game has become. 

“Wow so… nothing? I love the game so much, but there is literally nothing to do on end content. Login, use Resin, do dailies, logout. Not even an increase in Resin, considering they keep adding more and more weekly bosses.”

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While there was a lot of negativity surrounding this announcement, there were also those who were glad to see HoYoverse step away from Spiral Abyss-style endgame content. 

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“I used to be a casual player and a regular BP buyer, and Abyss was an absolute chore for me. Trying to keep up with it definitely made me kind of anxious,” replied one player.

Genshin Impact boss fightHoYoverse
Genshin Impact endgame content won’t focus on combat.

“It’s one of those things where not doing it made me feel like I was leaving Primos on the table. But actually playing was unpleasant because it was a race against time to get 3 stars; especially since I wanted to just play with my favorite characters, rather than hyper-optimize my team.”

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The current lack of Genshin Impact endgame content may come as a disappointment to many fans, but HoYoverse did note that they still are working on future content. “Just like [the] Genius Invokation TCG that we unveiled in the Special Program for Version 3.2, we are also working on designing more interesting gameplay in the future,” explained the developer. 

Unfortunately, those hoping for more combat-focused endgame content found in Spiral Abyss, Hyakunin Ikki, and Labyrinth Warriors won’t find it in future Genshin Impact updates. Whether HoYoverse will change their stance on this remains to be seen, but for now, that’s all we know on the matter. 

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