Genshin Impact community baffled by miHoYo’s Diluc update

Genshin Impact Diluc using his Elemental BurstmiHoYo

The Genshin Impact community was left confused when miHoYo said it was going to fix Diluc’s “expressionless face.”

Ever since Genshin Impact launched in September 2020, Diluc has been one of the series most popular 5-star characters. Fans couldn’t get enough of the Claymore user’s blunt personality and unamused expressive design.

Some players were baffled, however, when a January 2022 blog post by miHoYo in announced that the hero’s “expressionless face” during his Elemental Burst was actually a bug that would be fixed soon.

Genshin Impact Pyro user Diluc sceenshotmiHoYo
The popular Claymore user infamously has an expressionless face.

The bugs and issues blog post went viral after being posted on the r/Genshin_Impact forum. A thread titled “I’m Sorry, But… This Is Really an Issue ?” posted a snippet of the announcement from miHoYo.

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In the statement posted on the Genshin website about known issues, the developer wrote: “There is an issue whereby the character Diluc would be expressionless when unleashing his Elemental burst. This issue will be fixed in an update on 01/13/2022.”

The character previously would wink when using his ‘Dawn’ attack, but his model had changed in version 2.4 back to his infamous expressionless face that he is known for. Fans who believed this was a purposeful change were stunned when the Chinese studio revealed that it was actually a bug and would be brought back.

“He is supposed to be Batman not the Joker,” one frustrated player wrote reacting to the update. Another player exclaimed, “I’m a Diluc main and literally didn’t notice anything whatsoever – he always looks dead inside.”

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Another comment said, “Wait, so he’s not supposed to look bored all the time?”

Genshin Impact players react to Diluc face change

Other fans made fun of the announcement, such as a user who created a second thread with the caption “Imagine being the guy that actually bug reported Diluc’s face for being expressionless.”

The confusion was the result of some players not being aware that Diluc used to wink during his Elemental Burst. It would be easy to miss. Other users were just simply not a fan of miHoYo’s announcement they were bringing back the wink, as they felt the expressionless look was more in line with his character.

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While it’s true the master of the Dawn Winery often looks unamused, he did in fact show emotions in previous versions of the game. According to the developer, the stoic 5-star character will get a pep back in its step in the January 13 update.