Genshin Impact anime intro for Anniversary Event made by fan blows players away

James Busby
Genshin Impact anime intro

Genshin Impact has kicked off its one-year Anniversary Event, but one player has stolen the show with their stunning fan-made anime intro. 

The Genshin Impact community is filled with all kinds of talented people, from cosplayers that bring the game’s characters to life to the amazing artists that recreate their favorite locations and boss fights. While this year’s Anniversary Event has been met with a lot of frustrations, a number of players have taken the opportunity to celebrate miHoYo’s free-to-play title

In fact, one talented artist has painstakingly made their very own Genshin Impact anime intro – giving fans a stunning look at how the world of Teyvat would look if it ever had its own TV show. Not only does the trailer showcase a number of iconic characters, but it also faithfully recreates areas of Mondstadt and Inazuma

Genshin anime intro celebrates one year anniversary

Genshin Impact anime
The world of Teyvat looks absolutely gorgeous in this Genshin Impact anime intro.

The level of detail that has gone into rondeseo’s Genshin Impact anime intro is incredible and many fans were instantly stunned by its quality. “At this rate, the fanbase is going to end up making an actual Genshin anime before [miHoYo] gets the chance,” said Withered_Knighter

“This is so good. I loved how the fights were also incorporated. Just the way Zhongli was walking towards Azhdaha emanated an aura of intimidation, and I love how you can see Childe is clearly enjoying himself during his battle with Aether.”

Since being published, rondeseo’s Genshin Impact anime intro has garnered 14.4k upvotes on Reddit, where viewers have praised its faithful representation of the game’s characters and fearsome boss fights. In fact, the Traveler’s epic showdowns between Stormterror, Raiden Shogun, and Childe have all been perfectly animated.

“This animation got me more hyped than the actual anniversary,” said Ted_Taddashi. “At this point, it genuinely feels like the community we made is the real reward for all the time we spent.” 

Despite only being 1:30 in length, the anime intro has many fans questioning when miHoYo will make their own official Genshin anime. For now, though, rondeseo has given fans a glimpse as to what an official Genshin Impact anime could look like if it were to ever release.