TikToker Claire Miller charged with murdering her disabled sister

TikTok Claire Miller mugshotTikTok / Lancaster County District Attorney

14-year-old Claire Miller has been charged after fatally stabbing her sister, who was wheelchair-bound, before calling 911 and confessing. The teen, who is being tried as an adult, was a popular creator on TikTok with millions of video views.

After news of the homicide charges was reported, TikTok users quickly recognized Miller from appearing on their ‘For You’ page.

Miller allegedly killed her disabled sister, Helen Miller, while their parents slept, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, in Pennsylvania.

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Officers arriving on the scene were directed to Helen’s room by Claire, and lifesaving efforts by EMS were unsuccessful. Miller repeatedly told the responding officers “I killed my sister.” Helen Miller was pronounced dead at 4:13 am on February 22.

Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement: “Police indicate there is no threat to public safety. Manheim Township Police are fully committed to this investigation.  Investigators and members of the Lancaster County Major Crimes Unit are still at the residence collecting evidence and working to determine the circumstances that led to Helen Miller’s death.”

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Who was Claire Miller on TikTok?

In the wake of the tragic incident, Claire Miller’s TikTok profile has gone wildly viral.

A TikTok highlighting the disturbing story asked “So did anybody come across the same girl on their [For You page] or just me?”

Miller’s TikTok account, ‘spiritsandsuchconsulting’, has a number of videos with upwards of 1 million views.

Claire Miller's TikTok profileTikTok
Claire Miller’s TikTok has grown in followers since the incident, but many of her videos were already popular on the app.

It’s possible that following this incident, TikTok will close the profile.

One of the videos, from January 13, features her sister Helen, who she is now accused of murdering, seen in her wheelchair with their father.

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Users are reporting that her videos have been appearing on their For You page much more since the arrest, calling it “chilling.” It’s unclear how the TikTok algorithm works, but an increase in people looking for her profile will likely cause a snowball effect for these videos to be recommended to more users.

Claire Miller has been charged with Criminal Homicide will, and it is expected that she will be transported to Lancaster County Prison after arraignment. Anyone charged with homicide in Pennsylvania is not eligible for bail.

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