The Esports Community Paid Tribute to TotalBiscuit Following Death at Age 33

. 4 years ago

The death of popular YouTuber and game critic John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain sent shockwaves across the internet when it was announced on Friday, May 24th.

Total Biscuit, who was 33 at the time of his death, had been struggling with bowel cancer, which he was first diagnosed with back in 2014.

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His illness had been confirmed as terminal in October 2015 but his death still came as a shock to people across the globe who had followed his work.

Earlier in May, he had released a statement to say that his intensive treatments were no longer working and as a result, he’d be retiring and no longer working.

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Unfortunately it was announced just later that month that he had passed away, with his wife writing a poem on both his and her Twitter accounts to explain the situation.

As a controversial personality within the gaming and esports scene, he didn’t hold back with his opinion, however upon learning of his death, even some of his fiercest critics posted touching tributes across social media.

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Friends, foes, former co-workers and those who just simply admired his work all paid tribute to the work he did within the gaming scene, and many looked back fondly on their time together.

We’ve rounded up a collection of tributes posted on Twitter following the announcement of his death.

Esports journalist Richard Lewis

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Team Liquid’s official account

Commentator Shaun ‘Apollo’ Clark

Twitch’s Official Account

YouTuber SkyWilliams

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Yogscast Host Lewis Brindley

Commenator Anders Blume

Esports journalist Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields

Esports Journalist Slasher

The Official ESL Account

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