Street Fighter pro Robinho denies rape accusations after disturbing claims on stream

robinho street fighter proPATOZ Team

Brazilian fighting game pro Robson ‘Robinho’ Oliveira has denied accusations of rape after telling a story of an encounter with a former partner on stream, in which some have claimed he admitted to the act. He has since claimed that he made the story up.

During one of his Street Fighter Twitch streams, Robinho told a story of how he felt wronged by a former partner, and sought revenge on her, laughing throughout.

Saying that he “found out” about her having relations with other men before him, referring to her as a “hardcore skank,” Robinho then explained that it “caused an uproar” for him.

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“We went out and got hammered, we got really drunk,” he said. “I took her to a house and I called like eight dudes. I said ‘Today, she’s gonna get f**ked up.’ … She got herself all broken. I did her good, everyone got a turn.”

The story was incredibly alarming and immediately caused a stir among the FGC community. As a result, Robinho was removed from PATOZ team, and the Capcom Pro Tour has started to remove any mention of him from their website.

Shortly after the clip started to gain traction across social media, Robinho denied the claims in a conversation with

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“That was a story I made up right away, in a jibe,” he said. “That thing about drinking doesn’t even exist. People are (sic) distorting the whole story … It’s a story that doesn’t even exist, something I said in the joke, now they’re accusing me of something that was said in jest.

“I’m sad because people are being mean. Wanting to harm me with it, even banning me from the Capcom Cup.”

Street fighter pro Robinho in black and whiteRobinho
Robinho has tracked back on the story, claiming that it was fabricated.

In the interview, Robinho claimed that the incident took place when he was 13 and she was 15, but everything from the moment where he said she was “drunk” was fabricated.

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On January 7, Capcom revealed that Robinho would henceforth be permanently banned from all Capcom-owned and/or operated events.

The Capcom Cup VIII was due to take place in February 2022, with Robinho having qualified through the South American qualifiers. In the early hours of January 7, they announced that the tournament was being canceled due to the ongoing global health crisis.